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Thank you for this group

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I'm a young healthy chap, suffering from anxiety disorder attacks in silence. Can't really tell my family, and my friends are dealing with their own stuffs I guess and I feel kinda embarrassed to tell them.

Feeling rather alone and scared when I get attacks. I had a particularly bad attack this morning where I felt detached from reality, along with the common symptoms.. Went to visit a doctor just to feel safe.... I always feel safer in the presence of medical staff....Shrugs. Been to ER a couple of times too, and I hate myself for it.

Thanks for listening..

5 Replies
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hi and welcome to you.ive been on here over four years and like myself dozens upon dozens of people always tell family last of all when in reality they should be the first to don't even need to tell all your friends just one you would trust the to your gp as well that will really help no end.

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Thanks, I will try...hopefully I can work up the courage to tell them about this..

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trust me you will feel a whole lot better having got that added pressure off your mind.

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I'm sorry this is happening to you. Not much of a response I know. But the best "advice I can give", is try not to feel embarassed by going to the ER...that's why they are there. It is great that you feel safer there. And as for not talking to relying on family or friends...yeah they have their own stuff, you're right there...but that doesn't mean they won't help you if you reach out. And speaking of family...isn't this place much like a family. We listen and offer suggestions and we hope for the best?

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Dont feel to bad about it. I too felt safer in presence of medical staff as my father would be my support and drive me to emergency and when I got there I'd feel like it was my last breathe and than I'd be fine. Lol. It does really put a damper in life though at times when it happens. One good thing is I read your message and it made me smile cause I can relate Happy New Years

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