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Let it go

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When we don't agree with something someone else says or believes, its all too easy for our brains to go into overdrive trying to correct them or get angry at their different way of thinking. Try to be more open and accepting of other people's beliefs. You don't need to agree with them, but unless other people's ideas physically affect you, your only harming yourself by getting caught up in them. Let them believe what they want to, and give your mind permission to let go of the issue.

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Wise words G! Wanna be my new therapist ?? I connect to your thinking, only having trouble putting it into action!

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It only took me 46 years for the penny to drop 😋

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All is thought, grasp that. And things Will change 🐵


I agree with this 100%. When we post, and receive replies, it is up to the person to accept or ignore the advice.

The intent almost always is to help.

Each of us has common issues...but deals with them in far different ways.

I learned after many years of failed relationships, to step back and consider the person's intention.

For example, forgetting a birthday or anniversary. Although we get hurt...do you really think our partner woke up knowing it was an important day, and made the conscious decision to hurt our feelings.

And hurt feelings are generally displayed as anger. Making a bad situation worse.

Advice or beliefs should be looked at in the same way. If the intent was well meant...say Thank You for caring enough to reply.

You matter Gerrerd.

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Thank you, i am working on that. Have to, it is affecting my health.

I'm having anxiety just trying to let go. :( the feeling of losing control.

have a look at downloads, at potentials unlimited. They may help you.

Thank you, I will check it out.

Found it... Strange website. It only lets you hear very small sample and cannot go back to repeat and to pick best one. But thanks again.

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