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I’m new to this HealthUnlocked , but I have a feeling it will help me I have lost a total of 6 very closed loved ones within the last six years.. The most recent was my best friend of 30 years she died suddenly early this year... I’m sooo lost !!!!

I battle chronic depression, in 2013 I attempted suicide & if not for my BF of 30 yrs I would have completely succeeded. She saved me...but I couldn’t save her. I also battle Fibro, , Chronic back & spurring etc I’m married but I feel invisible, I have an elderly mom who is blind, unable to walk & has COPD ... none of the love ones that I have now understand me or seem to even want to. the ones that completely understood me have died. my words & Thoughts for the last 10 months have seemed sooo unimportant & on the verge of a breakdown... I can feel the darkness slowly approaching again & no one sees it. I have even reached out this time but every time I do.. The person that I’m talking to take it personal and it doesn’t even pertain to them / I just need them to listen ... I’m thinking why why ??? because it’s not suppose to ALWAYS be this hard

3 Replies
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Hello and sorry to hear about all of your losses. I think you have been through so much and it must be hard to just getting through the day. I remember once someone told me we all suffer and I thought that is true but we do not all suffer the same way. Losing 6 people in as many years you care about is not something most people can relate to but it does not mean we can’t try to to understand and help. The people you are trying to talk to might be disconnected from their feelings or are too caught up in their own lives to console you. That does not make it right. They should listen to you. I feel for what you are going through and hope better days are coming to you.

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Sorry for your losses. When you reach out for help, perhaps it is simply the wording that shuts people down. Perhaps reword and try a different approach. Life is worth living.

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I am glad you found us. What a large amount of grief you are bearing! Sometimes those closest to us are not the ones to help us. That is so very painful. This is a safe space to share and get support. Lean on us. Do you have a doctor and a therapist? If not, I encourage you to seek both. That has saved my life. I am sending you a big hug!

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