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Over the weekend I was hit in the face by a man I did not know at a bar with friends. I’ve been so shook up and distressed I had to call into work tonight. I feel horrible. The worst thing is, this is not the first time something like this has happened and I’ve worked extremely hard to work though the panic and anxiety it has caused me in the past. I’m scared for what’s in store for me now. That I might be nervous and scared in public and I wonder when I will feel safe again. If anyone has any coping techniques for something like this, I would really appreciate it as the past few days have been hard on me. Thank you!

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Stay Away From Those 8 Ball Lounges & Clubs. Where There Is Extreme Drinking In A Confined Area Who's Primary Making Money Is "The Bar" ? You Increase The Chances Of Stupid Things Like That & Worse Taking Place.... Heck, You Can Have Just As Much Fun With Ya Friends In A Applebees or Chillies Ect.... Bar Than In These Places Above. [ There Are Families In These Venues & You Cut Getting Punched In The Face By About 75% ]....

Merry Christmas & Sorry That Happened To Ya~*

I’ve already decided I will not go back there and will stay away from the bar scene for a while. I just don’t know what to do right now to help with the overwhelming feelings

Hey ! Remember ? You Just Got Struck In The Face By A Guy In A Bar. Give Yourself Permission To Be Rattled About It. It's A "Normal" Feeling & Response... It's Gonna Be Just Fine....

Prayers For Ya & Merry Christmas !~*

Try potentials unlimited they have down loads to help you

Stay far away from clubs and bars. Dance at home. Enjoy a glass of wine at a friend’s home instead of the bars or clubs.

Be brave (you already are because you’re sharing your story). Be your own mother. What would she tell you to do after the first time you experienced violence? I bet you know...

Be as protective of yourself as a mother would of her child.

I plan on staying home for the foreseeable future. I’ve cancelled my New Year’s Eve plans and I’m okay with that. I’m afraid I will isolate myself though and I’m afraid that my work will trigger me. And also that I will feel fearful when I go out in public.

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Laura! I’m sorry about the violence you endured. I hear your worries for the future. Please stay safe and far from those small, crazy drunk places! But don’t let 2 jerks hold you back from living and enjoying your life! I realize how frightening it must have been, and I’m sorry. But don’t let them win! Live your life... or as they say “get back on the horse.” Certainly be selective in where you go for enjoyment, but don’t stop that enjoyment. Give yourself some time to heal and feel safe. There are so many more wonderful people out there waiting to be kind and friendly! Give them and yourself a chance! Sending you a big hug!

Hi Laura sorry to hear some dickhead punched you I was brought up to not lay a hand on any female! First of all contact the pub concerned and explain to them what happen as lots of pub have cctv to prevent this kind of thing if they caught it make sure the piece of shit is caught! Don't let him do it to any other girl! All the best to you and don't let this stop you going out! David

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