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Hello, I'm brand new to this. I've struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life but in the past year have been doing a lot better. Most of my issues stem from childhood trauma. I wasn't able to receive too much treatment so I had to learn to cope on my own and find tools to help myself. I'm still learning and would love advice but I would also love to give advice or support to anyone who needs it.

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Hey! Welcome to the community. Feel free to ask for any support you need and I hope we can help assist your journey!

Heya! I'm in a similar situation myself where I've had to learn how to cope with things on my own etc. So i 100% understand how much hard work that can be.

I find talking to friends helps. I have a group of friends I speak to online, we've never actually met but talking to them really helps as they can give honest unbias opinions. I also try to keep my mind occupied at all times :3 so i like playing video games or playing a game on my phone. That keeps me relaxed and not thinking about how crap my life is lol

I guess the best advice I can give about the childhood trauma thing, don't let that define who you are. It's hard, sometimes we can go back and relive it in our memories, but use it to make you stronger. With my past I try and let it empower me, so like instead of being down and miserable that I was in a domestic violent relationship, I think to myself, I'm not a victim, I survived. By it happening to me, I've protected someone else from harm. Maybe that mindset could help too?

Wish I had some wisdom to share...what I do know is that I have to constantly ask myself, "Do I have any control over this?" (i.e. a situation, another person's opinions or emotions, etc.). I'm a people pleaser but have discovered that the person I hurt the most is myself by trying to be this "perfect" person. I want to get to know and understand myself better and find peace. We can only do that by living one day at a time. Sending hugs to you from those of us who share your struggle.

there is a lot of information too online now about emotional abandonment and the abuse issues many of us here are also dealing with which makes our depression even more difficult. Depression is a disease, and we can feel sad without any reason because it'a a chemical imbalance....but when you add other factors such as abuse, truama, etc. it makes it ever harder for many of us. Your not alone here and I'm very glad your sharing. No judgement here.....

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