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A dark cloud doesn't always bring rain but does bing darkness


its been a long week, the one before Christmas always does. Ive been feeling like everyone around me is just so fake. A shadow has been casted over me and it doesn't seem to want to go away. Everything seems to bother me and I'm just pushing people away at this point.

My boyfriend tells me I get mad about little things and that i should just let it go. I wish i knew how. It seems so easy for him not to care about things and can just move on. I on the other hand seem to hold on to everything that once caused me pain in life. As well as the insignificant things like why he didn't call me back. I know theres always one person who cares more than the other, but after a while it just feel like one doesn't care at all.

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Would he consider counseling? Even if he doesn't win you consider individual counseling or therapy?

I know what it's like to always give give give and in some ways that's what got me to this place called depression anxiety PTSD and nightmares.

You don't have to do this alone there's lots of support here and IRL!!

First things first!!! go do something for you!!

thank you for the support. I haven't been to counseling in a few years, i have been thinking about going back.

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