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Safe Haven

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Before drunken bellows and scattered beer cans,

there's a place where a little girl once stood.

A wonderful place that still, to this day, stands

She doesn't visit as often as she should.

It's a place where her mother still smiles at her

And adores the sparkle in her daughter's eye.

A place where old passions will sometimes stir

And dreams of a royal marriage may never die.

It's a place where she found such a blessed truth;

Where red letters are still written in her heart.

A place that still bears the yoke of her youth.

A place that provides rest and a brand new start.

Sometimes, when she's gone just a bit too far,

She finds herself drifting to that special place.

And all of the scoundrels, cheap booze, and bars

Seem to diminish without leaving a trace.

If only they knew, the people who leave her,

The angst of her frail and twisted thoughts.

But she covers her shame and who can believe her

When she's abandoned all she was taught?

Behind her charming smile and fiery eyes,

There's a place that welcomes a scared little girl.

A safe haven from the forest of her own demise

Where she's relieved from the weight of the world.

She'll never find that freedom in the arms of a man

Despite his obsession and his promise to stay.

But, in that special place that somehow stands,

streams of mercy wash her worries away.

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