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I am trying


my best

Its just a thought ...It’s just a feeling...they all stream through without waiting for the next to kick in

Yet it is creating fear in me... I think it’s of the unknown in general, not a specific fear. Trying to be in this present moment without letting fear torment but don’t pay too close attention to it. Fear of a catastrophe just may be as bad as a true catastrophe. I’m so tired of all the junk I wish to let go of and start a brand new vibe that serves me. I need to succeed. I need to be okay.

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Then talk to me and we will discuss this. I am here in the present moment my friend. Maybe we could write a poem together. I bet we both would enjoy that. Right? Talk to me on my my pm, Starrlight. I am always here for you, my bright shining light and BFF....

I miss my brother. I am having ptsd stuff going on.

I feel weak. But it’s just a feeling. I will feel strong again.

Yes you will feel strong again. You will succeed and you will be ok. YOU GOT THIS! How do I know? Because I know your a fighter!

It sounds like you are a very strong person and even though the struggle is real I can see that you have hope, positive thoughts, and know that the feelings aren't reality. When I'm struggling with fear I remember this (maybe cliche) acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. This isn't to minimize real feelings for proper situations, but to look at the evidence around you. Things will happen and life will bring many perks and challenges, however, we only need to look at what we have for today. In moments where I can't seem to get focused on positive, I literally just pray and lay it down for God to take care of. It is very helpful. Praying you find some peace and that the fear won't consume you. If you are facing grief, the only thing to do is take it one day at a time. Hugs!

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