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night time anxiety /panic attacks

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hi there my name is alan and i just started having these awful panic attacks at night around bed time and i dont know why. this started about two weeks ago and i dont know why. my heart beat increases and breathing is labored. this makes it difficult to fall asleep but once i do fall asleep if even for a few minutes the anxiety goes away and im fine. im taking alot of sleep meds already including seroquel,ambien,buspar, suboxone and melatonin. got any ideas?

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Has something changed in your life? Is it safe to be taking all that medication? Usually it’s something we avoid dealing with, that will eventually come out in other ways.

I feel the same way every night I wish I knew why I am still trying to find a way to deal with it...I will tell you this if I find a way to deal with it I will let you know I will pray for peace in your life take care of you ...

Soboxene? I did not think that was a sleep aid.

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