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Need to support my support

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I just got out of inpatient care yesterday and my anxiety is peaked out. My wife is out doing a bunch of stuff that I should be doing and it stresses me out that I’m not able to take much off her. I feel like she always needs to clean up my messes. I know she struggles with feeling the same thing but tries to be supportive and understanding. I used to be able to do absolutely anything I set me mind to and now I feel I can’t even venture out the door without having my wife with me. Even then I feel about as helpful/ useful as a little kid. I’m not sure how to move on.

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Onthelake, give yourself some time to recover. You just got out of inpatient care

and have all you can do to support yourself right now. The time will come that you

will once again be able to support your wife. It takes more than just being in patient

It takes time to re-adjust to the world around us. After all, while in 24/7 care, there is

a structured day and help all around you. You've been taught as how to adjust when

you go back home.

I talk from experience as I too found it hard to support anyone but myself after being

in patient. It was difficult at first but one day at a time allowed me to use all the methods

and tools I learned while in care and adapt that to my life.

I'm glad you found this support site. We all have been through different scenarios of

mental health. Right now, it might be best we help support you and get you back your

wings to fly once more. Welcome my friend to this amazing site. :) x

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Onthelake, I have a feeling that your wife doesn't mind helping. It's a part of what a spouse would do, or even a family member would do, because they love you. Maybe you could have roses or a live plant delivered or a small token of your appreciation? Maybe you have a friend or relative who could go pick up whatever you want to give her. Or a florist or other place that delivers (some of our grocery stores offer groceries delivery. Even a card or note could help your spouse know how you feel. And you could tell her that you feel bad having her doing everything. She'll probably say she doesn't mind. She loves you.

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