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Utter Exhaustion

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Do any of the depression sufferers here feel so heavy and tired all the time that they can't think about anything other than lying down? The second I get out of bed I feel like I need a break. My body and brain are exhausted. Whenever I'm out of the house I get an incredibly strong urge to lie down on the ground, curl up, and go to sleep. I feel this way even after getting 10+ hours of sleep. I know that fatigue is a very common symptom of depression, but it's getting to the point where I can't focus at work or in class and I have trouble following conversations. Please let me know if any of you can relate to this feeling and how you cope.

10 Replies
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I can relate to you absolutely, feeling constantly tired and fatigued now for nearly 3 years

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Haven’t found the best way to cope yet, occasionally what did help was exhausting excersize but currently even that doesn’t help any longer to feel more energized

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I used to love going to water aerobics, but can't motivate myself to get up in the a.m. to go anymore. It has been gloomy (no sun) for over a month here in West Michigan. It really adds to me feeling more depressed....

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I used to go on walks and the pool now it’s dark so early and cold:(

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Yes, I can relate! Having any energy to do simple things takes a huge effort! My husband has been doing so much (cooking, laundry, putting up Christmas decorations (which I could care less about).... then I feel guilty and more depressed....

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hi, I am exactly the same at the moment and my husband doing everything, I know I would do same for him if he was in the same boat. If I am with friends and chatting I don’t feel exhausted but soon as I am on my own it comes over me. In fact I think I will go and have a nap now.


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I can relate. I don't know if it's the meds or the depression but on my days off I usually sleep like 14 hours and I'm still tired. I have read that sleeping too much can make depression worse, and I can believe it because it seems the more I sleep the more tired I am. I often have to force myself to do things, like yoga or cleaning the house, that make me feel better. But sometimes I can't even find the motivation to make myself do things.

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Yes, yes yes, yes! Totally relate. I wish I had any kind of answer to help you. At least I can tell you, you're not alone....

I can relate but I also have fibromyalgia so that's a difficult one for me. I hope others can shed some light

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I feel this way intermittently. It used to be worse before I started using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. But still, there are times I just feel like "what's the whole point anymore?" and want to just lie down and do nothing. One thing is for sure, I have totally lost interest in every single thing I used to like doing. I am a 47 year old man, so not young, but my love of sports, travel, video games....pretty much anything....is just gone. I feel numb. I only look forward to seeing my therapist, and that's only 1 hour every other week, but it's the only time I talk to another person face to face about how I truly feel inside.

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