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So sick

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It always seems like one thing after the other. This is why I hate anxiety so much. I started actually feeling pretty good the last couple weeks which was awesome. I get home last night and I am suddenly running to the bathroom. I’ve slept for 4 hours and this totally sucks. I’m having some crazy thoughts about what is going on with me. I have indigestion and I shall not name the other symptom but you can imagine. The sane side of me says what did you eat man? The anxious side of me is wondering if I’m having a heart atttack or if I have some rare form of cancer. All I know is that I am super sick and this totally sucks. It came completely out of the blue and now I’m miserable. I seriously don’t need the extra stress. I’m having a hard time laying down because when I do I have indigestion. Hopefully this Pepto works and I can get some sleep.

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I totally know how you feel. When ever I get sick my anxiety gets way worse! Then I start to think I'm dying or have something horrible. But, everytime It subsides and I am actually ok. Just got sick like a normal human. I hope your sickness gets better soon. Hang in there!

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For real. Thank you. As the day goes on I feel like my body is just hurting more and more.

Did you eat anything new that you haven't had before and drink a lot of water you need to stay hydrated

I had chicken the other day. It definitely could be it. I’ve been drinking Gatorade.

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