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I have anxiety, I only experienced this at the beginning of last month, I had a panic attack and felt like I was having a heart attack, I went to the hospital which they explained everything with my heart was fine but I still keep getting pains in my chest especially when I feel my self getting panic, dose this happen to anyone else, I lost my dad last year and seen my friend die 3 times, the doctors think it's all due to what I've experienced. Thank you for your time

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Good news is your heart is okay but the bad news is you have anxiety. You put Death as the title l, do you have death anxiety?

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Vikki1986 in reply to Tikirob

I think about death a lot, I think I'm dying all the time but I think that might be due to me experiencing so many deaths in the last year and seen 2 ppl dying on me, if I get a pain in my head I think I'm dying from a brain tumour, if I get pains in my chest I think I'm dying with a heart attack, I have a holiday booked for next year and all I keep thinking is what if I don't get the chance to go, this has really got me down I'm just not my happy funny self anymore x

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Tikirob in reply to Vikki1986

I am sorry you have these thoughts and if it provides any comfort I and others on here have them too. Health anxiety and focusing on death has been a problem for me for a very very long time. All I can share with you about is what I have learned in my treatment and experience and to give you hope that you will have better days let me start by saying, “Your mind is trying to protect you but it does not know how.” You have been through trauma that has overwhelmed you like it would anyone who went through what you did. And have experienced loss that your rational self cannot give a good reason to. Yet because there is no good reason It continues to search and search driving your mind wild. This creates panic and self preservation, “If peolple die How do I ensure I will be safe?” And what happens is the only way we can feel safe is by worrying about things that can hurt us only to find out there are so many things that can hurt us! As we monitor the enormity of the possibilities of death panic sets in, then palpataions, then a picture of the world as a very scary place. So the question is how do we fight against these anxious feelings and the answer is one that I cannot. You can only change the tone of them. If you get scared of being sick you can deal with the fear and remember what you just told me, “ I am scared because I lost two people I loved”

I am not a professional advice giver and I would definitely recommend finding a good anxiety counselor but as a contributor here I wanted to let you know that the key to living with anxiety is trying to accomplish goals despite your fears and enjoying and appreciating the moment and giving yourself credit for doing so. It’s awesome you reached out to this dialogue and it’s a step towards feeling better. Despite feeling nervous and having panic attacks you were able to come here and share your experience. That courage which I know you have inside of you will protect you and keep you safe.

Hi Vikki, it could be PTSD from what you have witnessed. Therapy should be able

to help you talk it out. I remember at the beginning of having anxiety, I use to

mumble to myself when feeling anxious saying "I don't want to die again". It

certainly wasn't a healthy mantra so why was it a repetitive saying? Through

therapy I found out that psychologically every time I felt the fear of anxiety, it felt

as if I were dying. So for me, it was a sensation of dying a little more each and every

day. It might be why the title of your post is DEATH.

We are here for you to talk this out and not feel so alone. We support you.

I am very sorry for the passing of your father. xx

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Vikki1986 in reply to Agora1

Yeah I'm going to try therapy as a few people said it has worked for them, anxiety is a hard thing to live with it's taking over my life, I have tablets of doctor and they have worked a bit, I'm sleeping much better but still getting chest pains, doctors put it down to anxiety but I never thought anxiety can give you pain, I also get head aches x

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Agora1 in reply to Vikki1986

Oh Vikki but anxiety can give you physical pain. It has to do with the Mind/Body

Connection. What we think we can feel physically. What we believe in is what we

get. The tablets from your doctor could help as a little respite while you receive

therapy. Eventually it will boil down to Acceptance. Accepting that your physical

pain is coming from anxiety and nothing more.

As for the headaches, I had them for years due to anxiety. Because I didn't accept

anxiety as the cause at that time, I couldn't relax.

It wasn't until I started finding different methods in helping me to relax my mind and

body did I see the results both physically and mentally. As I was able to relax through

meditation and deep breathing, my pain level dropped until the headaches were completely gone. Finding what works for you will be the key to your success. xx

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tamka38 in reply to Agora1

I have a lot of headache and body aches and never thought it can come from anxiety am getting tired on pain everyday and I do meditation and deep breathing exercise daily and am not getting no relief maybe if I can come out of my comfort zone probably I can start walking to get some exercise and I definitely need to start eating a healthy diet, I been doing every thing to try to make myself find better now am just waiting on my medication to start working.

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Agora1 in reply to tamka38

tamka, at one time my headaches were daily. They went from Muscular Contraction Headaches to Migraines caused by hormone changes. So basically

I was always in pain and anxious. The headaches are real, no doubt about that.

The basis of it were stress/anxiety caused. Meditation and deep breathing which

I didn't know about then wouldn't help but yet the Xanax, Pain Medication and a

cup of regular coffee did. The thing is I had to be careful not to get rebound headaches if taking pain meds too frequently. That's when I started my water exercise, physical therapy to loosen the trigger points at the base of the scalp as

well as listening to relaxation tapes.

I wish well on having the medication take effect. That was one of the worst times of

my life dealing with those headaches and yes body pain as well. xx

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tamka38 in reply to Agora1

Am so tired of being in pain and am going to go the doctor about my headache and tomorrow am going to the ENT and I have to find out if am premenopausal I been going through a lot lately and trying to be strong 💪🏽

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Agora1 in reply to tamka38

tamka, I hope you find the answers you need. It really can help to

know the cause behind our pain both emotional and physical.

I also have Fibromyalgia which can produce chronic body pain as

well as headaches. Although I will say that now I have a pretty good

handle on those issues.

I wish you well with your ENT appointment. I know you are trying to

stay strong. xx

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tamka38 in reply to Agora1

Am going to my family doctor tomorrow because I want to get tested for fibromyalgia and perMenopausal and

Thank u

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Agora1 in reply to tamka38

Good Luck tamka. Let us know how you make out. xx

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tamka38 in reply to Agora1

I will definitely keep you updated. Because I want to make sure. What’s gong on with my body. I need to get out this house am tired of isolating myself daily so I will be taking my Xanax tomorrow

U probably under a lot of stress from your dad passing. And seeing your friend die 3x that’s a lot. I hope you have a therapist to help u overcome your grief and pain. Do u practice deep breathing and meditation try to find new hobbies and exercise and write down things you’re grateful for did they give u something for panic attacks if not u should go to your family doctor and ask them to give u something to relax you am here if u ever need someone to talk too hope your chest feels better and good luck

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Vikki1986 in reply to tamka38

Thank you, I'm going to try therapy and I have tablets which are helping me sleep and have chilled me out a lot but getting these pains are making me panic again, feels like I'm going round in circles x

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tamka38 in reply to Vikki1986

Just remember panic attacks and anxiety is harmless and it will pass. And the more u Focus on your chest the more is going to brother you. If the doctor said your heart ok u should be happy knowing that you don’t need no extra stress in your life start practicing deep breathing exercise and u going to see a big difference and u will feel better and meditation it great and walking to get fresh air Listen to Louis Hay 45 minutes change your life on You-Tube is helpful and Michael Sealey is on You-Tube too and u need anymore help please reach to me and good luck to u

Welcome to the club!!! I’ve been dyin for going on two years now. I would listen to the doctors. I have wasted a lot of time and money trying to prove something is wrong with me. Anxiety totally sucks. I’ve thought I’ve had about 5 heart attacks so far. My doctor was very stern with me at my last appointment so I am just going to treat it for what it is.

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tamka38 in reply to Anxiousdude

I remember going to the E.R. Daily when one hospital got tired of seeing me. I went to another hospital at that time I had my third kid and and started always panic attacks 3x or more daily I was scared of everything my body was very sensitive to noise I was driving myself crazy my mom had to come get my kids and I never believe what the doctor said I knew, I was dying and I was checking my heart daily and I was normal until I smoke weed in my teen years and had my first panic attack and I experience derealization and depersonalization I mean, I been through a lot of childhood trauma and sexually abuse so I was a sad 5 years old all the alway to my adult years my life was very unhealthy and am scared to go back to therapy because don’t want to open up new wounds and I know it going to cause more Anxiety and depression my life

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Anxiousdude in reply to tamka38

Yeah it is crazy. I wish I would have responded is definitely not fun. You should go to therapy though.

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tamka38 in reply to Anxiousdude

Am going to make appointment tomorrow

I was hoping to get stable on my antidepressant before I go see my therapist I been isolating myself and am hoping to get out of my comfort zone

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Anxiousdude in reply to tamka38

I totally get it. Good luck with your appointment

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tamka38 in reply to Anxiousdude

Thank you

Glad you joined the group. I was going to comment, but I read Tikirob's post and he has hit the nail on the head. He came so close to what my comment was that I will say I totally agree with what he said.

You can learn to control your anxiety, even in the midst of your anxiety attacks keep telling yourself "this is anxiety I am OK, It will go away in a few seconds". I found while I was having a anxiety or panic attack, I had a tendency to hold my breath and not breathe properly, which then made me feel like I was going to faint, Just make sure that you are breathing through the entire panic episode That was one of the most helpful things for me. Breathe all the way in through your nose, as deep as you can (slowly) and release the air thru your mouth until you feel like you have no air left in your body. (slowly) That's what worked well for me. It might work for you, and it might not. Giving different things a try is the only way to find if something is going to work for you. I wish you nothing but the very best. and remember.... the anxiety attack will go away.

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