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Back Pain

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I woke up this morning and I can barely move. Everytime I move I’m having sharp pains in my lower back. I have back problems but I’ve never had them flare up just because. I’m going to talk to my doctor today. I think it is severe muscle tension. I had to force myself to go on a walk today and try and loosen it up. It’s always something lol. My crazy brain has already tried to connect it with colon cancer. I’ve also had about four or five different x rays on my back and it is fine sort of. I mean there is definitely some damage but nothing too serious. Monday is not a fun day I guess.

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Hi Anxiousdude,

It probably is muscle tension caused by anxiety. I have terrible muscle tension everywhere and all my tests came back negative. It’s important to keep exercising. Also try a heating pad as heat loosens tight muscles.

Thank you. I have a hard time believing something crazy happened since it was just over night. I am stressed about it though. It’s always something. My wife actually said that this morning

Maybe you slept in an odd position that caused your back to stiffen.

Honestly when I was first told all my pain was caused by anxiety I didn’t believe the doctors but after doing a lot of research I learned that anxiety can cause just about any symptom imaginable. For example my allergies are worse but the allergist said nothing had changed. I then learned most people with anxiety develop or have worsening allergies. I’ve learned to accept that anything is possible with anxiety. It doesn’t make the symptoms any less unpleasant but at least I know there isn’t anything physically wrong.

Yeah I get all the symptoms too lol. I’ve actually noticed the allergy thing to. Super weird.

My grown daughter suddenly had terrific pain in her back and down her legs, she does not have anxiety problems.. she was told to ice it and take ibprophen.. It is slowly improving.

Sending easy and relaxation. I am 7 sessions in on this program you may want to look into. I already feel my mind calming, though they say it takes close to 30 treatments to see real impact.

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