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Thoughts running away with themself


I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for just over a year now and am medicated for both and awaiting CBT.

Lately my thoughts are running away with themself and causing serious amounts of anxiety.

I keep convincing myself I'm going to have a heart attack and thinking about death.

Thinking am I going to spend my life like a constant state of anxiety and then one day just die. I know dying is inevitable but it's making me so anxious the thought of one day dying..or how I would cope if one of my parents died. I'm only 29 and they play a huge role in my life and I worry constantly the anxiety is going to take over and make me have a breakdown. I just don't know what to do.

I carry on daily for my partner and my son but I worry constantly I'm just going to snap. :(

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I'm srr you are having such a rough time. Thoughts can get scary at times. (((Hugs)))

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