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Should I tell my teacher about my depression?


Hey guys. So I'm in college and I have this really amazing teacher and she cares so much about our wellbeing, mental health, and overall health. She even devotes class days to relaxing to feel less overwhelmed. And she has us write our feelings or whatever on a notecard to turn in and she will sometimes email you asking you about what you said. She's done this to me twice now, and I want to just subtly mention that I am considering going back to therapy for my depression (which I am). My teacher has already said that she suffers through depression since her cancer diagnosis, and she seems like a good person to tell. I've been meaning to get more help, as I can feel it getting a little worse since last year. Is it a good idea to tell her?

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It's a great idea to tell her


I agree. Someone who has dealt with depression is much more compassionate and understanding.

Open up to your teacher.

Hey Wowzerzzz,

It's really great that you have a professor in college whom you feel you can open up to. As you mentioned, she has been dealing with depression also, so she would definitely be someone who would give you an understanding ear If you needed to talk.

I dealt with some extreme anxiety attacks earlier this year and thankfully I had a professor whom I could talk to about a lot of things.

Hang in there...

So glad you are sharing. The first step to getting better is a willingness to admit there is a problem. At your age, I also suffered from anxiety and depression and I wish I would have gone to counseling. However, it was not until my 30's and 40's when I sought Christian counseling. Having a professional allow me to vent, cry, be honest, figure out my feelings, and identify past hurts was so helpful for me to move on. I learned to stop "stuffing", understand my emotions and act differently, and start healthy relationships. Would you consider counseling?

Also Leslie Vernick's "Lord, I Just Want to be Happy" helped me to know I was not alone and gave wise, practical, and Godly advice and strategies. You might want to check it out. Hope this helps.

Wowzerzzz in reply to SuZQ154

I went to some counseling at my school last year, but I didn't stay very long. It just didn't feel like it was doing any good. And I'm not a very religious person at all, so I'm not sure if I'd fit with that... But thank you for the recommendation and the book link, I may check it out

SuZQ154 in reply to Wowzerzzz

Hope you do. Trying new methods sometimes will help. Her books are practical and wise.

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