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Sometimes We Just Need Our Friends


It's been pointed out to me that I should be sharing my difficulties and talking things out. Today, especially early this afternoon, I had another attack of Hypokalemia, this led to an anxiety and panic attack. I was a basket case for about 2 hours. First kudos to Starrlight & AaronM, 2 of my best friends, who helped me through the worst of it. I have improved dramatically as the evening progressed and thanks to my 2 friends patience, it looks like the aftermath will be much less severe than usual. I encourage those who are experiencing such problems to reach out to this support community. I, for, one can be reached most of the time from11am to 11pm EST. I would also like to thank those who have helped me in the past: BonnieSue, JaneDoe2018, NCAQuilter, Sheila1Kerry, Anxiety59, Distressed Mermaid, MariaLove123, & numerous others. I have so many good friends...most who order me to contact them when I am undergoing an attack. Kudos to ADAA for being here to start with! I look forward to continuing my service to anyone I can help. If you need emotional, motivational or non drug supplement help, you need only pm me or contact me through one of my many posts. Peace, love, light & joy for all + a kazillion protective & loving hugs for everyone on the ADAA site! JEG325 loves it here and hopefully he can be aound for many years to come!!

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Hey there dear, I hope you’re feeling a little bit better now. You definitely should reach out to any of us when you need help. You help so many of us, & it’s okay to reach out to us when you need a hand too. We are all here for you. Thank you for the shout out. Love you. I’m sending you so many hugs back. 🤗💖☺️

JEG325 in reply to Hidden

Luv you a heck of a lot DM. Hope everything is okay for you too. Gonna send 500 kazillion of my best protective hugs. Because you deserve to be safe, happy and satisfied!

JEG. What’s so wonderful about this site is that we all understand each other. And there is such support here. It is so great that we

Arent being judged. We can feel free to ask for help and everyone is willing to help. This makes such a difference when i feel discouraged and I’m at the end of my rope. I’m thankful for each and everyone of you for being there.

JEG325 in reply to Southpark

Amen + you're one classy person!

Anytime, John, anytime.

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