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Wanting to quit my job


I don’t feel like myself at work, it’s not a job I want but since I’ve been here for a long time ,I’m good at it. I even convinced myself to talk to my gm about management,he is up for it in about 1 month and a half. But now I can’t help myself to have second thoughts on it. It’s my first job I’ve had,I’ve have school internships too but for this I’ve been here for about a year and a half. Again my gm is all for promoting me but I don’t know if I want this. I want to keep moving up but just not in this position. I don’t wanna feel stuck either. I feel like I need change but now just don’t know how to bring it up with my boss if I do decide to quit. Yes I know he should allow me, but It will sound like I want to give up. I don’t , i just want a job where I am happy ,can wear what I want and don’t have to be judged me it. He is very old school and is a little strict so again I wouldn’t know how to even being to tell him that I want to quit. Finding a new job would help me first,but I would need to find one fast. Can anyone relate or have some advice on how to handle the situation. I was interested in the position and told him a couple of times but now I want change and I want to leave .

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I was in the same position some weeks ago. I didn't know how to tell my boss, he gave me the opportuniy, I felt like I owned him something or that I didn't want to let him down. Besides that, It was a good job in many ways. In the end I told him that I had a new project in my life was coming on and if I didn't take this oppotunity right now maybe I would never do.

I know It is too easy to say, follow your heart and do what's best for you, there is far more things we have to think about. But I hope you find the best option for you. Maybe stay for another six months just to see the new position goes.

If you want to talk more about it, let me know! 😊

Everything is going to be ok in the end, believe it 💕

Thank you for sharing with me , I’m glad that you took that step for yourself . Hopefully I will be able to do the same with whatever position I’m in. I’m definitely gonna start looking for jobs too to get myself motivated and continue to see how I feel about work.

There have been times in my career I invented a job for myself within the company I was working for. I loved where I was working, but not the tasks involved in the position. What I did was look around to see if there was a gap in the company I could plug. And, did I want to do that. If it was, I wrote up a proposal highlighting the gap and proposing ways I could close it. I got the position, and stayed until a merger.

My bottom line has always been to follow my goals and my heart. No matter how good I was at a job, if a job did not fit me, and could not be tweeked to fit me, I would not be able to do my best. It would be far better for the company to hire someone who could really do their best, and for me to find a position that was better suited to me. If I was happy in my job, happy in my personal relationships, I was much better able to contribute to my community.

I really don't feel this is a selfish attitude. The company can hire a satisfied employee, I can get a job I love, my relationships don't have to hear about dissatisfaction in my life, and my community can get a happy camper. Also, my stress level is not negatively impacted by my job.

Things to think about.

This is something I really need to hear . So thank you for reading and taking your time to tell me about your experience this really helped. I looked at jobs somewhat in the morning , found a unpaid internship that I can do four times a week and looked at a couple of more suitable spontaneous, pays more and productive jobs. I had such a bad attitude at work too but I had a shorter shift than usual, the hours few by , and I was constantly busy . So it was confusingly nice, but at the same time I still had these thoughts of I need to find a new place.

Awesome points. I totally agree with awareness of stress levels and allowing someone else to do the job, so that the entire environment/community benefits from you doing something else that allows you to be more productive and continue to abide and spread GOOD energy (which is really important for me).

I can relate 💯 %. The job I’ve worked for most of my adult career had me fed up to the point where I did quit. One of the greatest reasons was because there has always been a dress code, no matter which location I worked at over the years. Plus I don’t like being on a rigid schedule several times a day. It sucks... *Having to look “professional” is one of the dumbest social constructs that exist in our society. It’s the basis of why con artists can get away with so much foolery. And it takes unnecessary energy everyday(what to wear?). All you have to do for many people is “look” the part and they trust you... I prefer wearing jeans everyday. Granted it depends on the type of job you have when deciding how to dress for safety, weather, materials that stain your clothes, etc. But how does that make someone less smart, professional, sane, etc? Unfortunately much of our society still thinks looking professional has a meaning.

While I agree with your points, I'm from the old school. I retired over 10 years ago! However, I don't believe in 'strict' codes in anything but quality of work. But, sometimes some sort of dress code is appropriate for certain jobs.

When dealing with the public, some type of dress code assures the public you can do the job. Yes, a con artist can look like a house painter to get your painting job. But if a painter dressed in a three-piece suit, it'd be hard to believe he knew how to hold a brush.

I do believe there should be a reasonable amount of latitude companies should take in any dress code they adopt and schedules they impose. We are all different, and respond better if those differences are respected. If the job is done as specified and the attire is clean and neat, everyone should be happy. The world is coming closer to your ideas, and sometime in the future, people will be judged by their hearts and capabilities. Not by how they look!. That time really can't come fast enough.

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