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New to group Anxiety/insomnia


Hi I am new to the group, I had to search something for help and support. I have always had anxiety issues but never knew it was this bad, I have realized I covered it up for years; now the anxiety/panic attacks at a new scary level since I have been battling pain in my foot and leg that all started with sciatica; I now have insomnia 6 + days and my psychiatrist gave me trazadome which doesn’t work at all, I’m scared to go to bed and feel so disconnected with invading catastrophic thoughts that my rational brain knows is ridiculous but they keep coming despite breathing exercises and thinking about calming things/memories etc... Any advice or similar issues anyone has faced, I just feel I need more help. Thank you

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Hi and welcome. I've had experience with insomnia, sciatica and trazodone so hopefully I can say something useful. Nerve pain in the leg is a constant distraction and makes sleeping difficult even without the anxiety. I've always had trouble sleeping and one doctor gave me increasing dosages of trazodone. It never let me sleep through the night but left me very drowsy for part of the next day. I'm finally having success with Remeron (30mg, mild antidepressant that causes drowsiness) and Buspar (10mg 3x day, mild tranquilizer).

In addition you might ask for a couple weeks worth of Ambien to help you get some rest with the leg pain (more than that can lead to dependency). Hopefully the sciatica will clear up with time. Search the web for stretches for back pain to help with it (e.g. lay on back, pull knee to chest).

As for the obsessive, anxious thoughts learning about mindfulness based cognitive therapy would be helpful. The book 'The Happiness Trap' is a good introduction to acceptance and commitment therapy. One of the things they cover is learning to view thoughts as temporary, passing events (e.g. watching leaves float down a river; each leaf contains a thought and it just floats on by).

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Thank you for your advice and tips, it is so helpful to hear a very similar experience, I will talk to doctor and get the book I already envision the leafs as thoughts that are temporary and just let it float on by, again thank you dearly

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