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I am pretty new to this group. I have had anxiety most of my life but as I have gotten older it seems to have gotten worse. I am feeling pretty alone with all this. What was more generalized anxiety has jumped to health anxiety. I would really love to find someone to talk to that can understand so I thought I would reaching out on this forum.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to chat.

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Has there been something in particular that has brought this on??

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Slickrock in reply to Dkdfree

Yes, I have started having short term/working memory issues. I am 52. I have had neurotesting done as well as talking to counselors etc. Everyone around me says I am fine but my anxiety tells me I am not fine. But anxiety isn’t a good gauge of much of anything but it takes center stage most of the time. Dr Google is the absolute worst place to look for info because every symptom I am having is a brain tumor, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Can anyone else identify with this anxiety senario? If so, please sound off. I would love to hear other peoples experiences.

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Dkdfree in reply to Slickrock

I highly recommend Dr.Claire Weeks. You will find her on YouTube. She is amazing and also suffered Anxiety.

Same story, but for me it is my kidneys

Thanks Dkdfree. I have heard heard of her. I will take a look.

One of the worst parts of anxiety is how alone you feel with it.

I have this. You aren’t alone. Mine ramped up this past July. Health anxiety is very tough. I would love to chat more. I read online a lot. I have many smart friends in the sciences and medical field who do keep me grounded. Best to take good care of yourself. Eat well balanced meals, drink water and try to have some fun. I am working on all these. Recently started a b complex vitamin. I think it helps a bit. Also try the sweet potato more often. Helps too. Small steps. 🙏❤️

Thanks for the reply ZOO7! What do your friends tell you? I am doing what you mentioned above. I am getting an MRI this week. I am scared to death but hoping it will alive some anxiety as well. The part of health anxiety that scares me isn’t death. It’s the dying and my mind comes up with hundreds of senarios even though right at this moment I am healthy for most part except for all the possibilities.

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Dkdfree in reply to Slickrock

Wayne Dyer also on YouTube you will feel a sense of relief just listening to him🧚‍♀️

The very common candida yeast overgrowth produces toxins that can make anxiety much worse. Anxiety is one of the signs that you likely have candida overgrowth. Until you deal with those toxins by eliminating candida gradually, it can be very difficult to deal with anxiety. Might be worth looking into. There is a simple home test at candida-yeast-infection-rel... which you can do to see if this might be an issue with you.

Sounds like my story, too. I am sorry that you have to deal with this. Chat with me anytime

It's a horrible place to be I have thyroid problems as well.talking is the best therapy if you can talk it through .lots on here to talk to .keep going and reach out xx

Hello Slickrock, Welcome to the Family!

I think I might know what it is; the general uncertainty over the Covid pandemic. It is causing me a fair bit of anxiety, I'm becoming nervous of people possibly carrying it, So when I must go out, I'm fully masked up with hand sanitiser in my pockets. I'm also Double jabbed boostered and Flu jabbed. Still anxious though.

Have Fibromyalgia, so I'm pretty brainfogged by that, as well as walking badly, lots of pain, falling because my balance is shot, can't drive because my eyes are failing. I'm a mess, but I'm still here!

Cheers, Midori

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Slickrock in reply to Midori

Hi Midori! Glad you are here! :)

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Weatherwoman in reply to Midori

Hi--Me, too, re. the Pandemic. Have had health anx. for years, but really "blew up" these past couple of years with the Pandemic. I do go out, but full of fear & anxiety so I can't enjoy dinners out, going anywhere! I am caring for my Sig. Other, as well, and worry all the time about him & his health. When I go out, I have to get a care person to sit with him, and have A lot of anxiety as these caregivers have been to many people who may have Covid, or some other virus, etc. So, when people come to our home, I am anxious & fearful, too! Got two Phizer vaccines, getting the booster soon. Have flu shot. Yet, I am still Very anxious & fearful. All the "What if's" crowd my mind. I do have Panice Disorder & OCD which makes me more anxious, I am sure; but, I know of others w/o anxiety disorders who are now anxious & fearful, may not as bad as us (with Anxiety Disorders), but the Whole World is suffering now! I do try to distract myself with hobbies, TV, short walks, talking to friends, doing breathing exercises, etc. Have a therapist & OCD Gp., also. Dr. Claire Weeks is Excellent & helps some. I guess, we have to accept (for now) that what is going on with the Pandemic & other things in our life that we Don't want --we have to accept the uncertanty (sp) that it brings & hope that thing will be better! It's hard to accept; but, all we can do, for now!

Yes, those "what if's" are the absolute worst thing! Its like my kryptonite!

Exactly! You hit the nail on the head with the "Kryptonite!"

I need to give this Claire Weeks some ear time, I have been hearing her name a lot lately.

She is the Best self hlep book I have ever read & I've read Many --have my own "library" of self help books. Reading her book is like she is sitting right next to you & she Knows every nook & cranny of this Horrible Anxiety (and depression). Her method may seem simple; but, it's not easy --have to just bump along...

Which book do you recommend?

I have decided that Health Anxiety is the worst. It grabs ahold of everything and then takes you down dozens of rabbit holes and Dr Google is the worst place in the world to look for info because every symptom you have is a catastrophe. It also loves to build an end game that is the worst possible scenario with no relief.

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Midori in reply to Slickrock

I heartily agree!. I'm not normally an anxious person, in fact I'm usually very communicative, but lately I'm finding myself actively avoiding other humans, especially if they are not using masks. I'm quite tempted to become a hermit!

Cheers, Midori

Hi there and welcome!! I'm glad you found this forum because it can be very helpful to reach out to us here and have someone to speak to. I can agree with the older I get the worse my anxiety gets and I have generalized anxiety so I can only imagine it getting worse and worse as years come. I don't really struggle particularly with health anxiety so I don't have much to say on that but I do struggle with anxiety like I said so I feel like I can talk about that forever!! If you ever need to talk i'm here!!! I hope you are having a good day 😊

Thanks so much for your reply autumnmarie5! I definitely feel less alone with your reply. Please lets talk sometime. I have GAD as well except it has jumped to into health arena and now I can't calm down. It's perpetual and vicious cycle.

Amen to that vicious cycle!! It leads down a path so quickly for me when I don't even know how I got there!

Same, I woke up this morning and I was pretty calm and then I had some memory flub that triggered the whole thing and now I am in a panic state.

Good afternoon slickrock,This is a great place to find friends and people to talk to. I would love to be your friend and visit with you. Do you have any favorite hobbies that you like to do? Have you thought about maybe getting out and doing some volunteer work, like at the local rescue mission or coaching a little league team, maybe going to visit people in the nursing home...? Sometimes going and helping others is a great way to help our ownselves.

I am 67, have dealt with anxiety/depression most my life since the onset of Post Partum Depression/psychosis in '77. Don't the rhelm of anti-depressants and anxiety meds. Looking up any information on the internet will only get your anxiety up higher. Because with symptoms you will find you fill them all. Please get some good Psych care from a professional that you can feel confident in. If you do your own research online it will only manifest more anxiety. Covid has also caused more anxiety than believable. Closed in and having your mind go spinning. Here if you need. Look for a support group that might help ease your mind that you are not alone in this.

Anxiety/ worry is such an awful contagious problem. One little concern can escalate into such a bad health problem as you said. There are some things that I can think of that have helped me be an overcomer with worry. 1). There is only One who can give peace that surpasses all understanding. That is God! By faith, believe in God and pray and ask Him for His help. - ( Faith is being sure of what is unseen). Knowing that God is real and truly is going to help, He will give you the peace that you need and will supply you with all that you need for the help with your requests. Keep praying! 2) surround yourself with positive influence and seek out wise people for good counsel. 3). A good therapy group is a great way to be encouraged by others who are struggling with the same problem that you are. "Celebrate Recovery" is a wonderful therapy group to get involved with; >CR Groups> Find a group near you. Another great resource is FOTF 18553825433 or They can help you find the right direction. I am praying for you.

Good morning Slickrock,I was born with epilepsy and have dealt with forgetfulness and mind issues all of my life. I have tried many of different avenues for help. The only one that has helped me out has been talking to God and finding peace through Him. Many of years ago as a child I was very frightened and my parents did not respond to me in crying out for help. They dropped me off at a church on Sunday mornings to" get me out of their hair" so, to speak. So I met adults there who started looking out for me and helping me get through my problems and showing me, love. One day the pastor was talking about the love of Jesus and how He loves us so much, He did not want to see us suffer. He died for all of our sins and if we believe in Him and ask Him to come into our lives, He will never leave us or forsake us. His love is never-ending

. So I asked Jesus to come into my life, I believe in Him and want Him to love me as a father. I was afraid, I want Him to help me to overcome my anxiety and fear. From that day forward He has helped me overcome all the storms in my life. Life is full of anxiety, stresses, problems... But the only true way that I have found to overcome them is through Praying to God for help, to give peace for anxiety, hope for confusion, faith for the hopeless, love for the unloved, compassion for the hurting... If you do not mind I am going to pray a prayer for you and you can follow along with it if you like.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am lifting up this person to you, he/she/they are your children. Hurting in this world, full of anxiety and depression. You are the only One True God who can heal all of our hurts and wounds. Father, I come before you as a lowly person undeserving of anything from You. Yet you still love me and all and each one of us in this world. Thank you, Heavenly Father! Praise your Holy Name! I believe in you God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In Jesus' Precious Name, Amen

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