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New to group, not to anxiety and depression.

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Hi I’m new here. I’d like to say I’m blessed to have survived 2020 and all it’s insanity, however lately my anxiety is extreme. My depression has hit an all time low and I’m trying to find my way through it all. It’s affecting every facet of my life. I just don’t know how to cope anymore.

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Hi, and welcome to the family :) I’m not entirely sure what to say, but know that you’re not alone, and that things truly can get better for you :)

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I hope you find this place to be helpful :) the people here are amazing! Despite all the challenges we face, we are still wonderful people :)

Float through it. It'll get better

Hello and welcome! I am also new here and have been battling depression for quite some time. I don’t have any specific advice to give but know you made a great step coming on here for support and you are not uniquely suffering, we are all battling for our happiness and peace. There are plenty of ways to cope and battle depression but the most important part is taking the action and having an open mind to see what works for you. I hope you find what you are looking for on here😊

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Welcome, Snowboarder! Really nice post!

Hi sorry to hear about how low you are feeling I would be interested to know the scale of how much depression this blown out of all proportion pandemic has caused also the suicide rate My advice is take care of yourself and let yourself fully grieve for your father have a good cry and tell him how much you miss him , accept how you are feeling and just carry on the best you can you will eventually feel better

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CatsamazeADAA Volunteer

Welcome to our community , Sawyerious! You say you don’t know how to cope. Please don’t believe that. The fact that you are trying to find your way through depression and anxiety is a great example of coping..Your finding and reaching out to us is coping. Despite your feeling really low you are making the effort to take the steps you need to get through each day. That effort is coping. You know how to do it because you are doing it. Give yourself credit for that. You are stronger than you think.

Welcome to HU. It is so wonderful you have reached out here. You will find a lot of support from other who understand struggling with anxiety and depression. I think we all feel bless to have survived the craziness of 2020. Do you get help for you anxiety and depression? Do you see a counselor? Are you on medication? It is hard to learn how to cope until you get the chemical imbalance in your brain under control. For me finding the right medication and counseling really helped. The medication helped me from spiraling so low, the counseling taught me coping skills, like CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). I also worked with a healthy life coach to learn to let go of the past, become aware of who I am and what I need, not to be judgemental of myself, and to find ways to learn to love myself and know that I matter and I am important. We tell ourselves lies, which only feeds into the depression. So instead of allowing the negative thoughts take control, I stop them, and say to myself, the depression is temporary, I don't have to spiral, I will feel better.

I do two techniques that really help as I begin to feel the anxiety and depression come on.

The 557 breathing technique is take 5 deep breaths in while thinking good thoughts about yourself like I matter, I am special, I am strong and then hold the breaths for the count of 7 focusing on those words about yourself, then let out the breath slowly for 5 seconds letting go of any anxious, self-defeating, unhealthy thought. I do this one to three times a sitting. The gratitude journal is writing down something good every morning and night something that went well in the day, or something I appreciate about myself. Taking our focus off of the anxiety and depression and focusing on positive uplifting things really helps. What you think is what you believe. So thinking uplifting things you believe those things but the reverse is true - thinking negative self-defeating things, you will believe those. I will be praying for you. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat. Hugs and God Bless

Hi and welcome to the group. There are a lot of us that feel as you do and try to find support wherever we can. Do you have a doctor that can prescribe for you? I had to shop around and take different medicine before I found some that worked. Also, check with your local hospital to see if you can go inpatient. Hang in there but do seek medical care

Hi!I'm new here too but I can relate to your words. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling awful. There are times that anxiety and depression is overwhelming but how strong are you though. Here you are reaching out and surviving ! You are not alone.

How are things going? I have been praying for you. Hugs

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