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Forgotten again


So today has been the worst birthday ever! None of my friends remembered and the others that did remember sent their well wishes and moved on with their day. I’m so tired of giving my energy to people and making them feel special when I can’t get the same in return. Seems like no one really gives a damn about me. Guess I’m just not that special...

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People are in their own worlds. As we get older, I know I forget birthdays. It does not mean you aren’t special. You should do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself since it’s your birthday. And Happy Birthday 🎂🎊🎉🎈

Hehe. I didn't see this when I posted mine. "Great minds," right? :)

Awww I love that 💕 so cute ☺️ X

Oh, I'm sorry. :( Well Happy Birthday. Maybe you can do something special for yourself this weekend. 🍂🍃🍁

You are special Kinganx to me and this support group. Be special to yourself, that's

what really counts. Love yourself, respect yourself and your self confidence will soar.

Many people in our lives are only there when they want something. Never expect to

get back what you give, you'll be disappoint each and every time.

Putting that aside, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINGANX! This is your

special day and you so deserve to be happy and have all your wishes come true.

Sending you hugs from the heart, Agora1 xx

Happy birthday King!!! 👑

I hope you feel better tomorrow I'm sorry you had a hard day

Happy Birthday! You are special. You deserve to be treated as such. It sucks that others aren’t giving back to you.

Happy birthday. You are special ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday and you are special.

Awww I can see how this would be so painful for you! Do you not have family to make a fuss of you on your birthday? If not I’m sorry about that! I know you doing something for yourself is not the same! Can you arrange to do something special with a friend over the weekend? Birthdays are special and should be celebrated I’m sorry yours hasn’t been like that ☹️ I agree with everyone else you ARE special and unique, and have a purpose in this world even if you don’t know what that is! So let me too say Happy Birthday! I pray this is year is unusually special and that you will make friends with people that care about you sincerely! Hugs 💜💜💜

Happy happy birthday!!! 💐


Hi Kinganx

I’m sorry for how you feel.

Wanted to send nice birthday wishes your way...

I hope you can Treat yourself


hey please don't worry about friend remembering your birthday it does happen when you get older I still remember one or two friends from like 30 odd year ago.try arrange a night out for a few drinks or even a meal or cinema then after it say thanks for spending some time out with me for my birthday.dont worry I went to register my son with a doctor two weeks after he was born and forgot and had to contact my mrs these things sure your friends do care.happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear kinganx happy birthday to you.hip hip horray hip hip horray.

I've been there too...and it's hurtful. But we just learn the hard way that not everyone has time or the inclination to reciprocate and I have also learned which people to cut from my life that are just takers, or are just too toxic. All of that will change when you change your relationships too. But people these days are so caught up in their own lives and their own problems that it seems to me that most are just in their own little bubbles trying to survive. So...celebrate your birthday and get something you like, do something you like to do, and know that you deserve to be happy.... Happy Birthday

Hey you guys, thanks for the support. I know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna go get myself a mini cake today!

Eowyn7 in reply to Kinganx

Oooh what a good idea enjoy!! Maybe post a picture of your cake so we can "sing" to you!!

Just cause others don't see how special you are doesn't mean your not special. Everyone is special in there own way. I don't know you but I care about you. Happy Birthday. And if no one remembered, than make it great for you. Relax and watch movies, or even go treat yourself to dinner. Maybe buy something for yourself that you've wanted. Idk, make it special for you I guess that is what I'm trying to say. I hope your birthday is good.

(And is your birthday Nov 16th or Nov 17th)


Happy Birthday! I agree, make it special for you! I'm learning to do this also but I will say it felt good when I took time for myself. YOU are Special. Even at times when it may feel like you aren't, you are. What you feel doesn't dictate the truth. You are special!! I hope you had a good birthday! You deserve it. 😊


Thanks again you all. I promise you guys helped a lot, I was feeling pretty worthless and after reading these messages I found a little bit of strength to get out of the bed and went to brunch.

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