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Hello all. I am new here. Just a little about myself, I had a major panic attack in August. Ever since I have had bad anxiety that I never realized I had had before until now. My Dr. immediately put me on an antidepressant, and I am having mixed feelings about it. The first weeks were awful, but I have gotten better. I am still feeling not myself though which I think is making my anxiety worse. Just wanting some tips or if anyone has had any experiences with medication. Thanks

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Only you can decide if the medication is helping you. Or if it is helping enough to justify the side effects. Just remember you have options. You can always ask for a different medication or dosage. Or you can stop and find other ways to cope, like therapy and meditation. It's all about finding the right answer for you, that helps you live your life as fully as possible.

The medication is definitely helping. I guess I thought it would help more than it actually is. I am going back to the doctor next week to see what he has to say. I am also in therapy which is helping. I just hate adjusting the meds since the side effects get worse every time I change anything. I am living life, just not enjoying it as much as I used to. I hope I find something that helps soon.


I am just writing to say that I hear you and know exactly what you are feeling. Mine started in April and sometimes I feel hopeless and lost. Podcasts and reading helped me a lot but I wish I could find a way to be on the other side of this process and having learned whatever it is I need to learn from this. Stay strong!

Everyone is telling me it is happening for a reason. Wish I knew what reason! I know it will get easier with time and practicing coping skills. Hopefully we both find what we need to get better!

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