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Now I have seen a primary care doctor..

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Im on zoloft I'm not too happy about it, I coast through the day without a thought in my mind... I start counseling next week, I guess this is better then having a meltdown for no reason... If you're truly suffering reach for help... I hope I can make it through this without meds because I just recently quit marijuana to stop numbing myself to the world and they prescribed Zoloft to me I'm not really sure how I feel about it, pretty sure I can't feel anything at all :(.

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Hey! When did you start the Zoloft?

Yesterday they said I wouldn't feel it right away, but I sure did, and I don't like it.. I just quit marijuana for the same reason, I've been numbing myself to the world for 13 years..

and thank you.. I will continue pushing on. My colonoscopy reports came back impeccable.. Biopsy, clear... I guess it is all in my head :\

Oh I started mine last week! I don’t really feel anything changing but extreme drowsiness and increased panic and excessive thinking! They said it will take a month to experience the full benefit. I’ll be here if u need me!!

that's weird, I don't get drowsy from mine, it does give me a temporal headache every couple hours though, like right now.. How is your diet? I was also told im malnourished and that what I eat on a day-to-day basis isn't enough, I weighed in at 145lbs and I freaked out.. I was also told my GI issues are going hand in hand with my trauma/stress/anxiety. Counseling starts next week, I can only hope they can help me fully understand what I'm going through.

Yes they will help! Make sure you look for therapist that understand anxiety and have a plan for you! Don’t just go to anyone for therapy! The hole point is to learn how to accept it so you can desensitize the emotional response to anxiety .... my diet is horrible! But I am slowly but surely changing it! I’m meditating every day and I’m walking every day! My panic and anxiety is coming down more and more each day! Thanks for keeping in touch with me! That means a lot !

You showed me a great kindness my parent's don't. I'm only doing what you are for me! FIX YOUR DIET!!!! I started right away even though its hard to keep food down, overall it does make me feel better... Cardio is key, my doctor made sure to overly explain that to me... I have a little issue with getting my heart rate up once it goes up, my anxiety flares up, so light cardio is what my plan is everyday after work, I have a planet fitness membership, and i rarely utilize it, but i'm changing that now.

I’m on the same boat I can’t keep any thing down , ive lost 7 lbs in 4 days. But that’s anxiety ! This hole website has literally changed my life! The impact of the amazing people has helped me through the panic! They have affirmed I am going through normal anxiety/panic symptoms! They remind me to accept this anxiety, every day gets better! I’ve come to accept that I’ve been dealing with my issue since child hood but I just started realizing it because I no longer disassociate. I t was so hard to say aloud today to my husband that I have generalized anxiety disorder and I’ve had it since a child. But according to Claire Weekes accepting it is half the battle! So this is me! And people like you and others give us hope and show us the journey is ours to own and to get better!!! Please let me know how day 2 of your Zoloft is going ! How many mg did they put u on?

Hey Resilient, 50mg, this morning I had an episode driving. Shit sucked but I didn't freak out, and didn't hyperventilate like i USUALLY do when I feel the on-set anxiety kick in. I've felt like shit alllllll day but im thinking it was because of the 4-5 hours of uneasy sleep i got last night. I agree accepting it is part of the big issue, knowing you have anxiety and accepting it is about 75% of the battle for me. I went to work expressed my feelings to my boss, it was a pretty labor intensive day but I did NOT let it incapacitate me, even now I feel terrible, I thought I was doing SOOOOO good, but it goes to show it's a daily battle! I'm ok though! coming to this site helps a lot, thanks for listening thanks for being so interested in my well being!!

And keep pushing on! You will get through !

Hey Knowone, I definitely can still take your meds correct?

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Yeah I just started, and I am going to follow through with it until told otherwise by my doctor. How about you, you still taking it as prescribed?

I may not be the best example for you here but Zoloft helped me to really turn things around. I think sometimes drugs like this are useful and necessary and they can make the world of difference. I'm sure many of us here would not have made it without some good docs that are on top of their psycho-pharmaceuticals. From my experience with zoloft, there can be some odd physical feelings the first week or so but they do turn around pretty quickly. I've never had any issues with addiction and never contemplated it as something that could ever apply to me. In the depths of my depression, I always figured a pill like zoloft was a small price to pay for a chance at a long, emotionally fulfilling life. I have my ups and downs but I'm still here ... 21 years later with a wife, 2 children and hope for the future. My only advice is something that helped me ... Don't worry about your today nor your tomorrow right now. You do have a future that is yet to be written so just (and say this with your best Southern Californian accent) chill ... try keeping it together with the knowledge that tomorrow will be a better day... and ... give the meds time to start working. Its possible you may not always need the meds so don't worry about using them in the future. Really ... take it one day at a time and let your body chemistry start coming around.

Unless you an an 108 year person with pancreatic cancer, Alzheimers, and kidney failure that also happens to have gone parachute jumping and forgot the parachute .... you have a bright and long lived future!

The other side of any dependence issues ... its not a bad thing to be addicted to good, necessary medicines. I'm a type I diabetic. I literally am addicted to external insulin sources and this will be a lifelong addiction. Without it, I'd be dead in a couple weeks. With it, I can do great thing, help a lot of people and hopefully leave the world just slightly better than before I got here. Telling your story, your fears, pains and triumphs, making "a disease" more human can help a lot of people.

Thank you for sharing !

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Adeo888 Thank you so much, It kind of sucks being a robot all day, but it's a small price to pay to keep for the most part a normal routine, today wasn't so great, but im sure there will be ups and downs in the future to come, thank you so much for your kind words and advice.

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