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uh hi im new here. i just stumbled across this site and wanted to have some input on my current problem. so i did something really bad and it was misunderstood by some people. i had depression and anxiety for the past two years but its the first time that i feel disgusted with myself that i feel like vomiting. i still feel it and its affecting my life, can someone help me?

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Hi, I would be happy to listen and see if I can offer any advice.

i really dont want to reveal what problem is it because its quite private but thank you for your offer to listen to me :D

Sure. Well the only thing I can offer is for you to find someone close to you that you could talk to about it. Good luck!

thankiu ^w^

If it is not a serious crime you may be over worrying. Anxious people often feel badly about themselves and can feel overly guilty. Can you talk to a minister or other religious figure, or to a psychiatrist about this problem?

riuriu in reply to b1b1b1

yea i did talk to one of my friends and she assured me that i didn't do anything serious

Is there any way you could explain yourself to the ones that misunderstood you? I’ve done some pretty terrible things in my life too. The only thing I can do now is learn from it and avoid repeating my mistakes.

riuriu in reply to Emily16

i did explain everything and i wrote a long passage apologizing to them but they didn't take to heart and wrote some really discouraging stuff to me

Emily16 in reply to riuriu

Was this all recent? Maybe they just need some time to forgive you and move past it. I’m sorry they said hurtful things to you.

riuriu in reply to Emily16

it was quite recent but now they are just ignoring me and stuff is probably fine

It’s hard to help if we don’t know what happened. We can help you. This is a safe place. Everyone is anomonous. And there’s no judgment here. We all have done things we feel guilty about. Sharing about it to people who will relate helps. I promise you we all will understand. X

riuriu in reply to MariaLove123

thankiu .w.

hi if its been two years and your suffering now because of it then it may well grow and grow and become harder to live with and deal it something you can tell your family or a friend im sure someone would understand the situation and support you if they can.

riuriu in reply to kenster1

yea. i told my parents and some friends and they are the reasons that i am feeling happy sometimes

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