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Well it's been a bad week with my muscle twitching in my face every night! It's about to drive me literally insane! It is just so distracting and nothing stops it except going to sleep but then I'm sleeping alot! So I'm making a promise to myself and now you all for accountability to try to meditate at least once a day! It has worked for me in the past and hopefully it works again!

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Ive done some meditating in the past helps a bit .

You got any good ones to try? Thanks X

Dogmom55 in reply to Kittykat2

I downloaded an app called simple habit that I'm using now. So far pretty good! I'm doing the free version. I also sometimes just google guided meditation for anxiety on YouTube and find some good ones.

Nothing wrong with meditation + I'm always here to listen to any problems you have, beautiful lady. Here's what the latest reseach says about your problem. Stop caffeine and drink green tea or fruit juices. I suggest orange juice for potassium. Deep breathing excercises during your meditation is considered very beneficial. Excercise your face muscles. If you strengthen them all, there will automatically be less twitching. Take magnesium citrate! Get plenty of sleep. Gently massage your face, using diluted clove oil. The herb Hyosyamus is a strong anti-spasmodic, soothing your nerves and reducing the twitching. Finally, the homeopathic remedy, zincum metallicum taken in low dose strength is very helpful. Chamomile taken in homeopathic dosage is also relaxing and helpful. Stress, side effects from medicine & too much caffeine are considered the main causes. So, relax beautiful woman, take some magnesium and follow as many of the suggestions as you can or are comfortable with. Another site adds that potassium & B-complex are also helpful because they calm the nerves via improving their functioning. Finally if you watch too much TV or are on the computer too much, this can worsen your problem. You're in my circle of closest friends so I went right out and looked up all this info just for you!

Dogmom55 in reply to JEG325

Thank you!!! I'm trying to not Google anymore because it always convinces me I'm dying from something and then my anxiety goes crazier! I went and bought some juices and magnesium so far!

JEG325 in reply to Dogmom55

You're one smart lady. I agree (as does Calm_Mama), that online info can overwhelm you. That's why I only wrote the bare facts. Personally, I didn't even recognize the weird herb and the first weird homeopathic substance. That magnesium is helpful actually surprised me. Potassium and B-complex make sense because they directly affect the nerves. The commonsense things like deep breathing exercises & excercising your face muscles seem logical. But de-stress first (magnesium helps with that), relax, and get lots of sleep. OJ has a slug of potassium in it & green tea is good for everything. But it's clearly up to you how you treat yourself. I care about you and only want you o be happy and healthy.

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