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It’s tough


Hi everyone I’m new to this site: I have depression and I sometimes don’t know how to manage it it’s like I’m good for awhile then I am not I have been thru more health issues in the past 6 years than I can imagine I tramtic brain injury 2 major back surgeries that to this day I suffer in pain but still I manage my pain level and not an addict to pain meds and 4 mini strokes and I’m only 48 years old happily married my husband is wonderful is supports me but sometimes just doesn’t understand

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Welcome! You have been through so much in the last few years! Your feelings are understandable. Glad you are here. Would you describe how you have tried to address your issues and depression in the past? Have you seen a counselor? Christian counseling helped my husband and me by giving us a safe place to vent, cry, become aware of underlying issues which we were not even aware of, and given us strategies to deal with depression, anxiety, and life, in general. Would you consider counseling?

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