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I need your help


When I joined, I said I wanted help so I wouldn't slide back into suicidal depression. Well, I need help now. Sleep has been a major issue and it has made me so tired I can barely function. My work is piling up and I just can't seem to deal with any of it. Baby steps seem beyond me. I rarely go outside. On a greater scale, this is what sent me into the abyss before, and I'm terrified I am headed that way again. I need to find a way back. Please help.

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can you take time off to regroup again maybe or just do things at a more relaxing pace so you don't feel as rushed as much.my problem is I cant get any sleep due to change of medication and its tough going.get help if you can with work im sure you are a valued and respected member of staff so people could help you out in your our of need.

NCAQuilter in reply to kenster1

Great! I had lost contact with the back off approach. Your response is so welcome. And asking for help is another fine example of why I love you guys so much. Since I'm retired, my husband is my 'staff' and he is a wonder of support. I need to take him up on his offers to take over some of the jobs I will give up for a while. Amazing how blind we can become when we're having sleep problems!

Thursday, I'm going in to the doctor's and will ask her to change a med I need to take in the PM. My pharmacist suggested I take the med earlier in the PM, like around 6:00, as it could interfere with sleep. It helped, as did Melatonin, but not enough. I've tried sleep meds, but they knock me out completely for the next day or two.

Would asking for a change in the med you need to take help you?

Thanks for your help! I don't feel so lost now. I'll let you know if it helps.

rach1402 in reply to NCAQuilter

Being knocked out for a couple of days might not be such a bad thing if you're feeling that bad! It might be just what you need to get some serious rest and a break from feeling like everything's getting on top of you x

NCAQuilter in reply to rach1402

Thanks! I'm doing just that! What 'needs' to be done has waited this long, a couple more days won't hurt. It's not going anywhere!

rach1402 in reply to NCAQuilter

Very true, your health is more important. I hope you get some good quality rest and relaxation and feel better soon x

Dear NCQuilter,

I am sorry that you are going through rough time. like the previous ones, this will sure pass.

When i joined this group you lift me up. It is because of your support and many others, i managed to read my daily affirmations, and set my plans so i can do my work on time. I have joined other academic groups to be productive.

We love you here and care about you. Please, keep talking to us. We will walk through this together, and we will make it.

I am sending you all the love and sunrise.

What can I say? You've brought tears of gratification! Thank you. I asked for help and within minutes got way more replies than I expected. This is such a caring group. You are an example of the level of that care. Love you

Well, sleep is definitely a priority Quilter and as you know, we can become seriously unwell without it. On the odd occasions I've been like this, ive been to my GP and gotten anxiety Meds. It's not ideal, but none of us can function properly without Sleep. I wish you well n hope that you can 'nip this in the bud'. 😊🌻✌️

NCAQuilter in reply to Dubba61

When I was in the hospital for depression, we were given an anxiety med if we needed it to sleep. I see Dr on Thursday. I'll ask her. This could be very helpful. The fact you responded and your kind words lift my heart. Thank you

Your most welcome Quilter.😊 If I can help in makes me happy because, I have suffered badly with this depression too. Best of wish s. 😊🌻✌️Dee

NCAQuilter in reply to Dubba61

Thank you!!!

sometimes I have to simplify my life expectations when going through the blues....make my life less hectic...sort of re-charge my batteries, prioritize....do my best to try and do even one thing to help me move forward out of that funk for that day.

I am very glad your reaching out and getting feedback...we are in this disease together....and we fight those bad days together. You have a great group of friends here that are here for you...keep holding on to that when your feeling like your slipping.....we'll catch you.

The sleep is important with this disease...lack of it can make things much worse as you well know...what do you have to help you get some sleep...and even if it's temporary, you may want to ask you doctor for a 5-7 day dosage of a sleeping tablet to help you for now.

As always, you come to the rescue with great ideas. One small thing at a time, and, maybe some short term sleep help.

Looking back to when I started my journey to recovery, I'm amazed at how far I've come. I'm doing so much more than I did before the fires, I need to forgive myself for this slide.

With all the support I'm getting from this fantastic group, I'll be out of this dip soon.


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