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Waiting game


I hate when a doctor says “we’re running tests for something very important but if you don’t hear from us we’ll see you in 6 weeks”. I’m currently waiting for test results. I couldn’t call today as they were closed. I have so many classes and appointments tomorrow I hope it can keep my mind busy until I hear back. The only person who’s supporting me through all of this is my sister who lives almost 30 minutes away from me so it’s not easy to just drive to her and cry. My boyfriend and I haven’t spoken in days from a frivolous fight that got out of hand. He claims he wants to know when I get my results back but isn’t supporting me through the waiting process. My parents refuse to believe anything is wrong with me so they aren’t much help. I just can’t stop crying and it makes me feel so weak. I just want a pause button on life for a day or two. Unfortunately can’t afford it. Hopefully I find some peace this week.

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How are you feeling today ? Waiting for test results is no fun 😔 I really feel for you! On top of it fighting with your boyfriend and no support from family sounds like it's quite a tough time for you! Hang in there 💗 Your doing a great job that's it you keep yourself busy ! Focus on you and your well being ! It's ok to cry, let the tears fall as I often feel a relief after I cry.. if you need a chat reach out to me !

Sending you lots of love ❤ & peace ✌🏼 your way ✨✨✨

Hi friend, it's okay to feel this way. But, you have to expect good and trust that everything will be okay. Stay focused and encourage yourself. Perhaps, your parents are right for believing that nothing is wrong with you... I am praying for you to find peace and rest and for all to be well.

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