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Why can't this horrible disease of depression go away? I feel so all alone, I'm tired, I don't ever see away of getting away from this man I live with due to finances. I feel bad about myself( I don't need to be reminded) on daily basis. I'm trying to think positive and do things I enjoy. I love working with my plants I started with 8 now have 48. All I get after the serene feeling I experience for a little while is that I'm responsible for the water bill because I'm wasting so much and there going to die. Sometimes when I'm alone I cry all day. It's beginning to scare me because I debate the pros and cons of living. Cons are closet to winning. I just needed to vent. Thanks

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I'm gonna tell you what I would do with this kind of moronic to tell them to 'F' off, this is one thing you enjoy and you don't care what they think. Tell them they are abusive and not being constructive, and unless they have something nice to say...don't say it,... your not interested. Take your power back....don't live your life fear based because of this jerk. I understand you don't think you have options....but you do.... and one of them is to do what ever you damn well please. You get yourself all the plants you want to...this person is a bully....and they see something that makes you happy so they want to throw ice water on it and destroy your happyness.... DO NOT let them. If you don't want to confront them.....don't.... say nothing.... and then do what ever you damn well please.

Misery loves company....don't be a party to it.... be happy in your own environment. It may seem a bit passive aggressive what I am suggesting, but to avoid conflict....just put up your protective barrier....don't agree with anything they say that is negative.... and start having a life within this existing one you have. You would be surprised how much power you actually do have once you put your mind to it.

Thank you. Just those words of encourgement have given me some hope. Positive energy

I'm glad honey.....anyone who treats another like that is a coward who is a control freak....and cruel.... often they have to make themselves feel in power by diminishing another....if your fearful of confrontation....I understand that....but there are two things you can do when they are in your face.... walk away.... and then do what you want to do.

Hi- I hope you are feeling better today. I’m glad you are enjoying your plants. I have a friend who really loves planting. She’s alone in the house which sometimes makes her so sad but her plants are keeping her busy and also a big help to uplift her mood.

I’m sorry you feel alone and tired. Please know that we are here for you and willing to listen. I pray that things will get better for you and you will overcome depression. Take care and please stay strong.

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