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How do i stop self harming?

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its so hard but its so addicting. my family gets angry with me when i do it which just makes it worse so i feel like im stuck. people stare at me in school like im some kind of freak with scars running up her arm

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Maybe they are staring out of concern and not judgement? They might be afraid to say something.

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thats a good point

:( I used to do this too. Have you talked to anyone outside of your family about it?

yeah, i talk to my therapist about it and she helps i guess

It's funny you should post this tonight. I haven't done any self harm in months and for some reason I started thinking of it tonight. I was just sitting and watching TV and doing a word puzzle. I had a good day and then I started thinking about cutting. I did have a very difficult several weeks due to PTSD flare-up but I seem to be getting past that. I know how you feel. I want to be able to stop to. I think I will just try to go to bed and not think about it anymore.

Hi Bingoluvr15,

Is your therapist trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)? A DBT approach could be very helpful for you I think. IMO the concepts of DBT are something everyone should be offered in their teens. In fact, I think that some of the content should be offered as curriculum in middle and high school. I know I would have been spared a lot of pain if I'd had DBT therapy and the skills it teaches in my adolescence.

i will definitely look into that!!

I understand how u feel. I used to self harm and it's hard. My friends would get so mad at me which would make me want to do it again. My parents didn't even know about it till I stopped two weeks later. It gets hard, but my suggestion is to find a goal that you want to do and reach for that goal but while realizing that if you reach that goal you have to quit with the self harm or you'll never achieve that goal. I don't know if that made any scenes but that's what I suggest. I'm here for you if you ever need to talk. I'm sure everyone else is too.


I know your family, friends and many classmates care very much for you, but quite possibly they just don’t know enough about this and do not know how to help. There are so many people struggling out there…just now you are not alone in this. Sometimes when families are very concerned they express themselves with anger…and I’m sorry you have felt this way from them. Your life is so important and there are so many people that care! Have you thought of speaking with a counselor? I don’t have experience with cutting, but I’ve dealt with other issues including depression and it was very helpful to speak with a counselor about all that I was dealing with, they can really give you some tools to help you with this. If you are interested I might have some resources I could pass onto you that would be helpful. Just let me know! Praying for you!

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