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How to deal with so much?


I've been struggling with personal problems (my dad is terminally ill, due to brain tumours), work and financial problems (he was self-employed, so I also have to work to guarantee that our income is going to be stable) and last, struggling with my depression, anxiety and ADHD at college, feeling that I'm so lazy, and feeling that my grades are strictly related to the sense of my self-worth.

The question is: how to deal with so much?

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I am sorry for your dad's illness and all your worries....and if you can manage a passing grade for now....that's all that matters. Later on if your up to it you can retake a class and if you get a better grade it will change the previous one. I hope your getting some help with your it does dash all your motivation and drive at times....

I am sorry about your dad's health problems and all your other worries and concerns.

"Do not try to deal with all the problems at one time. Try to deal with only what the day brings. For tomorrow has not yet come and yesterday is past." Plan ahead what you can, put a goal into place and work towards that. ...One step at a time!

Oh, honey. That is a lot to deal with. Does your college have a counseling center? Most do. You can go there to get some help in your decision making right now. It is so nice to have someone help you clarify what your next steps could be.

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