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Im lost inside my own head

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Found out my on and off again girlfriend of 4 years has been cheating on me, all while i paid for her trip to PR suppourted her, dug myself into debt. She knew about my depression and other mental issues but like everyone else, she didn't care. I wanted to kill her but she too far, i wanted to go to my dads to get his gun and finally get my peace in life but I had niece who is only one. My hope to have a normal life, a wife kids all went away. People tell me im going to get that but in reality im not. I cant function, i cant adopt or anything i cant even keep a job. I have no friends, no life. ONE day ill do it, ill finally get the guts to get my peace in the ground, i have no hope for myself.

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Hi I posted up yesterday about suicide. You can see that video on here. Please don't do anything to harm yourself. You may only be able to see blackness right now I know but it will end and you will find a way through. Make yourself available of any helplines. I don't know which country you are in but you can do a google search for helplines for your country. Your life is precious. You will find meaning again. Gemmalouise

Stilltrying_ , im trying everyday. Hotlines don't help me I honestly hate speaking, seems like no one understands what i am saying and i get even more mad. Im in the states a lil town in ohio, i have one friend who just moved to the city as well. I feel even more alone.

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Ok, I'm sorry to hear about the hotlines not helping. I'm glad you are able to write on here. There are many of us "sufferers" on here.

Yea I just found this site before I posted, your the first to actually respond so far.


I can understand how yo must be feeling. I myself can't keep a functioning relationship, job, anything. everything i start i don't complete and most of the time i feel alone or just hopeless. Sometimes i even think that maybe it is best to just end these miserable feelings but as i learned from the relationships and different jobs, everything is temporary. Even these crappy feelings we have towards our existence. It wont last forever. We just have to choose to want more and work our asses off everyday for it. You came to this site for a reason just like me. So don't give up, just give in to challenges and keep fighting.

So what I hear is a nice guy who goes above and beyond for his Girlfreind, who for some reason has decided to move on. A woman chooses to cheat because they are not content with there own feelings. Yes it’s a betrayal, it’s so painful, but All in all you did nothing wrong, no one dissevers this. This is her loss, thank hod no kids are Involved. Really try to take the time to acknowledge the person you really are, the one that will financially support someone else,a person who values a relationship,not a cheater,hard worker,takes his depression on a deals with it and much more I’m sure. Take some time to heal, be kind to yourself, when those lousy thoughts come, let them go, look towards the sun..

Hey Gee24,

The feeling of hopelessness is going to get better. But you'll want to be active at getting help. I've found Christian counseling the best because they help with the mental and spiritual! Two components necessary for true peace and hope. Are you open to finding help through counseling? Also, I found a list of resources for you to look through: Hope you find peace and a new reason to live! Prayers,

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