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When will they go away or when can I get recovery?


Had my first panic attack 9 months ago after that having different kind of physical symptoms everyday when is good day might be just some dizziness, when is bad good dizziness, chest uncomfortable (chest pain, pressure on chest), jelly body (on my arms/ soft knees), body weakness, mind just worry about everything my body health (scared to die/heart attack/ pass out no one know), mood swings , tired body ..... When will I get heal??? I have went to hospital to check my heart(done my ECG, blood test and XRay) doctor said in totally fine.

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Hello John!

Now that you know your heart is fine, let go of all health anxiety by distracting yourself whenever those obsessions about your health enter your mind...there’s no law that says you have to suffer! Think positive thoughts and let go of the negativity! Worry only about the things in which you have control in today and drop the rest. Worrying about the past or future is such a waste of time and mental energy. Live in today! Wishing you the best!!

John1995 in reply to Hidden

Thank you sooo much for the support! Feel the love in the group

Your physical symptoms are typical for anxiety. I've had them. I've found healing and understanding from reading, counseling and spiritual guidance. Have you considered reaching out for help to a trusted source or friend? If you'd like help finding trusted sources let me know and I'll try to help! Also, here is some reading you might find useful: bit.ly/2pA9YLz

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