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I've moved out of my father's house and I feel slightly better, not as oppressed as before. But I am still suffering from paranoid thoughts, anxiety coursing through me and I'm still scared for what may come to happen. What will happen after I graduate High School? Will I be allowed to stay here until I get my own place during college? Will I be cast out because of expenses that I can't pay to those who I live with now?

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Well that's a big step for you to have moved out so kudos to you for making that happen for yourself! As for the paranoid thoughts and anxiety you're still experiencing, I think trying to say present in the moment and today, and not looking so far into the future, will help you to stay focused. Thinking far into the future can keep you immobilized today and it's what you do today that will help your future. I hope you feel better soon.

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Beautiful IheartDogs and very wise! 🌺🌞🌺

try to focus on right now.... just today... this moment.... mindfulness techniques I've heard will help you focus, there are a ton of youtube videos about this. We cannot control tomorrow.... not people, places, or things... we cannot predict the future.... so we can only deal with what we choose to do today. We can make plans.... but leave room for the inevitable... which is change... change is not a bad word... it's just life .... and we deal with it as it comes along... today is all we have to work with right now... tomorrow isn't here yet... and wasting all your energy and time thinking about it gets you no closer to an answer that just isn't there yet.

Are you in therapy to help you with these fears....school counsellor or therapist.....


Simply enjoy your current circumstances and don’t cloud everything by obsessing over the future! Let go of those future anxieties because they haven’t arrived yet...live in today! No worries! Enjoy today and it’s possibilities. Sending you peace of mind...😊🌷😊

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