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Hello Guys Im New here


Hpw are you guys ? This app and this group is my girlfriend recommended to me. My name is John I had my first panic when I was 22 like about 1 year ago I had my first panic attack on the first and first that I keep having different kind of physical symptoms like unbalance, dizzy, hand shack, nervous, soft knees, body weakness, racing heartbeat, worry about my body health, chest pain, random body muscle pain......till now im still having different physical symptoms everyday.

Do you guys having the same thing like me?

Is this normal anexity or health anexity?

Is this normal for anexity?

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Hello john.

Everything you just described is everything I've felt in past 6 mths. I had my first severe panic attack at work and I went down hill from their. But I can say I've gotten better. Are u on any meds? Do you meditate? Or breathing exercises? And this place is an awesome place. The people here have helped me a great amount. You are in the perfect place.

John1995 in reply to Espinoza38

I'm not on any meds cause I feel like I don't need it. Yea I do meditation and belly breathing exercises when I have time. Those physical symptoms I'm not having everyday but I will have dizziness almost different time in a day every day

I feel the exact same, since I came back from a trip 6 days ago, I feel exhausted all the time and I worry about my body health all the time, sometimes when some thoughts get in my mind I feel like I’m going crazy, I try to breath deeply and distract my self by calling some friends when I know I’m starting to worry

John1995 in reply to margyy17

Yea talking to friends and partner are really great! Just hopefully everyone can pass all these physical symptoms and all the stress.

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