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Next week


Dear friends,

I will be taking 2 tests on Thursday afternoon. They are not big, but I have no idea what questions will be, I only know subjects.

I will be studying very intensely to get ready. This is why I will be not here.

I will be back on Thursday night.

I will be thinking of you because you are dear to me and I hope you will have peaceful and productive days!

Love, peace, hugs and light to all of you!

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just use your bullet points from the class outline and key points and words per chapter and kill it babe!!!... you got this.... good luck and don't forget to give yourself brain breaks along the way even if it's an ice cream and cookies break.... we are rootin for ya kiddo!!!

morenews in reply to fauxartist

Thank you, will do.

And chocolate is my drug of will use it for brain boost:)

fauxartist in reply to morenews

all I gotta say on that one is: Ben and Jerry's: 'New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream'

...oh yeah baby!!!

Best wishes, morenews!!

morenews in reply to LovelySnow

Thank you!

Good luck on your tests! Best of luck and we’ll be thinking of you 🤗 (I loved studying and practicing with flascards)

Yes good idea: flashcards

Thank u

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