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The truth about the wind


There’s a truth not many know,

About the world while your asleep:

The wind slips through your window,

To steel the secrets that you keep,

And if you don’t believe me,

Your welcome to your doubt,

But have you ever stopped to wonder,

What it’s whispering about?

What else in the world,

Can make the treetops bend and sway,

But the weight of all the words,

That no one ever dared to say?

And since it’s while your sleeping,

Secrets are easiest to take,

It’s no surprise those with the deepest,

Are the ones kept wide awake.


3 Replies

great little poem was that one of your own its really good.

Rain203 in reply to kenster1

I wrote the initials so that no one can tell if it’s mine or not so I’d rather not say


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