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Another shit weekend

So another week ruined by horrendous bleeding and cramping and stuck at home taking pain killers again while I listen to the neighbours having a party. Friend bought me cinema ticket but could not go as on too much pain again. Was feeling better with Mirena coil for last 10 days, but checked the strings yesterday when I woke up in agony and I think it's coming out. Rang 111 who told me to go to A&E where doctor there said there was not much he could do. Well my teaching is really going to start with a bang this year (not)! Doubt ill even make it in on Monday. Feeling miserable, sitting here in tears like a baby!!!

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So sorry to hear that hey.. wish there was something I could do to help the situation but don't give up hope.. everything will be okay..

I have you in my prayers..

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Thank you! Good thing about pain is usually it does not go on forever. X

That is alarming, I would have it removed ASAP! It shouldn’t be that painful.

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Yes I will call Monday. The clinic is closed over the weekend. Annoying!

I agree with lynnalice...go see the doctor that put it in as soon as possible! It needs to come out.

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Yes well the thing is I don't want it to come out as I've had terrible menstrual bleeding for so long now I've been counting on this to lighten the bleed. But as the doc said if it's coming out it will just have to come out. I think I'll try to get another put in straight away if possible, but if a second one comes out too well think I'll have to find an alternative treatment.

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I’ve always thought that they increased bleeding, not slow it down. The pill should decrease your bleeding, right? I’m old and a little out of practice with the whole thing! I hope you start feeling better!

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