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Rolling through the weekend...3 down, 22 to go!

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Hey everyone! Brian here! Well, the first full week of August is officially in the books and we're speeding into the weekend. I finally got my radiation treatments started this past Wednesday, and let me tell you I was EAGER to get it underway lol. Today I finished my third treatment, which means that there are 22 more to go! I'm ready for the weekend! lol I'm gonna pretend to be an inanimate object for a good part of it lol. Once again, I'm really sorry I haven't been around as much lately. But fear not! Sunday I'll be here in the forums for most of the day for those who'd like to chat with me :) How's everyone doing by the way? I've got to start participating more lol

Your friend,

Brian :)

PS. Here's some smooth music to listen to with a mai-tai and watching the sunset :)

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good on ya Brian....countdown has begun.....will talk when your feelin up to sister and best friend went through it's a bumpy ride...and we're all here in the back seat hang in there buddy.

Yes we are all here for you Brian. 💕

Thanks ladies! I really appreciate it! I'll be on Sunday :)

Hi Brian! I'm glad that you have started the treatments.......have a wonderful evening and a pleasant tomorrow :)

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I am happy you are doing well and providing the tunes. I shall listen with a seltzer water. I don’t drink but a mai-tai sounds like a nice beverage.

You’re the best Brian. Always sending you friendship across the miles... see you Sunday

😊 Glad it's going well Brian. Been thinking of you, you are a ray of light here. Thank you 💛

Thanks for all the positive comments :) I'll be on and off during this afternoon :)

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