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Please help me, my anxiety is getting worse


These past few weeks have been awful. Thoughts are running around in my head all the damn time and I don’t know how to make them stop. I also haven’t told anybody in my life about my anxiety. Should I? Anyways, I wouldn’t know who to tell. I feel everything getting bottled up and I don’t know when I will go over the edge. Please help me, I need guidance.

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Tell the folks who care about you and who you care about...get one of them you can talk to and talk to'll be glad you did and so will they....also...find a therapist....seriously.

bluejay789 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your advice! I’ll definitely have to think about who I want to tell

Talk to someone who understand about anxienty.Most people don't understand what or how we feel when we are under anxienty attack.

They will say its just in our mind.They ask to think positif but anxienty not about positive thinking.Its like something lives inside you which you don't want.

Medication like xanax help for a while.I am stuck with anxienty almost 15 years with medication.Doesn't help much but life must go on.

Try CES machine.Its might help.I tried everything medically.Don't give up.

Advising is easy but for the person like you and me its might help is subjective.

Never give up if you can.I gave lately but never lost my hope.I still trying.Try meditation also.

Keep trying.Maybe you will overcome your blues much better than me.

Thank you so, so much!

Hello, You need Help and now. Talk to your Dr. there are medications that can help you, I am on Gabapentin it is a non addictive drug. Do you have someone you really trust, talk with that person, you need love and support. There are many of us suffering out here, talk to us. See if there is a support group in your area, they are generally free, they can be a big help, I have gone to them for years, they are private and safe. Do not suffer any more than you can help, be kind to yourself, try to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, it is not easy, just keep repeating them. I send you love, strength and hugs. Sprinkle 1.... xx


It sounds like you need someone you could talk to. While this group is great, it's also awesome to have an amazing and supportive friend or family member to talk to. You may also want to consider finding a therapist or counselor if you feel like no one understands you.

Sunt alaturi de voi! Daca ai diverse chestii care iti fac placere desenat, cusut, citit, dans, orice produc placere ( da fara dependenta ) ai cautat sa le faci chiar cand incepe starea de anxietate? Chiar daca la inceput este putin fortat poate ajunge obisnuinta. Dacă da se schimba starea ta în bine atunci? Daca nu ai incercat inca ai putea incerca sa faci ceva ce creaza placere exact cand simti ca incep starile de anxietate? Eu stiu că suntem diferiți, dar daca găsim acel lucru care ne produce placere fericire ( fara dependenta si fara implicarea altei persoane - tu cu tine atunci atat ) este posibil să te ajute. Chiar dacă pe moment dar chiar conteaza să te simti bine.

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