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Relaxing leads to difficulty reentering society


I’m up at a cottage for a week, outside a small town, and enjoying myself and relaxing. Normally i live in a big city and am constantly out and about at shops and restaurants, which often causes me anxiety. Up here, I don’t need to be in town much, but not doing it everyday is causing me anxiety when I need to. Does anyone else experience anxiety about doing something you haven’t done in a few days?

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When I haven't done things for a while, I get anxious as well. For example, I teach a Bible class to elementary students at our local school. Every year, when school begins, I get nervous as I plan to meet parents, principal, teachers, and students. But once you take that first step, familiarity and routine come back. There are people you see again that encourage you as you spend time with them. I pray that you can have a restful, peaceful time so that you can enjoy those experiences when you return home.

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