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Difficulty getting moving


I'm having a lot of trouble with my depression and anxiety lately and am not able to get myself moving in the morning in order to get to work......or to get myself moving to do anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any self-talk or mantras that have been successful for you that you are willing to share?

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I would like some suggestions as well...trouble getting up in the mornings as well, dragging my feet but I can't since I have to take my school.

When I was working I always had the hardest time getting myself up and out in the mornings to go to work. My self talk would go like this - 'I can't move or get up, I don't want to go in to work, I will take a duvet day, oh hang on if I have any more time off I will get in trouble and will have to attend an attendance meeting'. This is more hassle than not getting up so this got me moving usually.

Not always. Sometimes I would get as far as thinking 'Well who needs this lousy job anyway? - me coz if I lose it I then have to sign on and that's loads of hassle and not worth it'. I got out and moving.

If all else failed I resorted to by passing my stupid mind and giving my feet directions - GET MOVING NOW! Surprisingly as long as I got up immediately it worked. Sounds silly but try it! Good luck. x

I go through this a lot. I’ve noticed that no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. I’ve had to force myself to get up and go for a walk or something to get out of the house. It usually helps me.

This happens to me more often than not for many reasons. I am depressed, I hate my job, and I'm in pain. I do get out of bed though (cause I gotta pee). Once I'm out of bed is when I start thinking..............ugh.........do I really wanna face people today?............can I handle all the stupid?...................etc............

Then I start mentally counting the sick days and personal days I have left. By that time I've driven myself sufficiently crazy enough to jump in the shower and just get out of the house. Yayyyyyyyyyy

I am sorry to hear about all 3 battles you are dealing with. Thank you for your help :)

Oh sweet Susan, I have many battles that I deal with. I think we are both our own worst enemy.

Amen to that

Try wayne Dyer progs on you tube.

susanjo613 in reply to gerrerd

Thanks! I will check it out

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