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Just Relax! ❤️☀️☮️🌸🌈🧘🏻‍♀️🕉🙏

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Relaxation is one of the most complex phenomena with very rich, multidimensional. All these things are part of it: let-go, trust, surrender, love, acceptance, going with the flow, union with existence, egolessness, ecstasy. All these are part of it, and all these start happening if you learn the ways of relaxation.

Meditation is not concentration but relaxation. The more you relax, the more you feel yourself open, vulnerable, the more you are less rigid, you are more flexible; and suddenly existence starts penetrating you. Relaxation means allowing yourself to fall into a state where you are not doing anything, because if you are doing something, tension will continue. Relax into yourself, just close your eyes, and listen to all that is happening all around. No need to feel anything as distraction. Remember, don't start trying to relax; that is the most absurd thing in the world. Relax does not take any effort.

All matter vibrates at different speeds. Elevated emotions raise your vibration. When we attain and sustain the frequency of our desired intention, it manifests. Do your best to float there while imagining your capability, your potential. Relax…let it come to you. If you relax, you start vibrating with it and creating your own experience. When I relax, let go, and feed my inner joy, I stay in that sweet spot of the pulse of life. Ride the wave of possibility.

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The question is are you relaxing mam? 😂😂😂

I am 🤣🤣😄 I’m sitting feeling calm also had a refreshing breakfast

I like what I hear 🤣 top it off the relaxation is a fantastic breakfast. Whatchu having? 😋

I had strawberry yogurt and ate a whole pear with the skin peeled and sliced it was very fresh

Awee Daz what I’m talking about! Very niceee👍 The animals are saved😂😂😂


Harmonious with the Universe 😂😂😂 as I’m having my caramel macchiato rn. So cold today 🥶



It took me a long time to master the relaxing part of meditation. But once I did it was smooth sailing.Namaste

Very niceeee Dolphin14, isn’t it amazing once we hit that state of relaxation like in a whole new dimension. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. ❤️🌈🌸🙏xxx

So true. You enjoy your day also. ❤️

👌☯️👍 From an early age we are taught about giving great effort. It's rare that we are shown the art of relaxation. Especially in America. Everyones always on the go. Running constantly and high on caffeine. It needs a healthy balance between effort and relaxation I feel.

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Well said! Meditation 24/7 with no effort as relaxation achieved. Balance indeed! Enjoy your Sunday 🌈🌸🙏

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You enjoy as well👍🙂🙏

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Thank you. I’m enjoying every minute of it 😂😂😂🙏

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That's what I call living 🙂. Cheers to that👍

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ok but much easier said than done....i just cannot relax no matter what I do. I've been anxious all my life, and now that the world is going to hell, I'm even more on the defensive and don't know how to deal with it. I just recently was referred to a Urologist for Interstitiary Cystitis, and when he tried to do a cystoscopy on me to check for tumors to see why I can't urinate for 10 to 12 hours at the time, I had a SEVERE panic attack so bad I even fell off the table!! He said then he didn't need the cystoscopy...he could tell me immeditely why I can't pee for so long at the time. After examining my upper body (shoulders, neck, back, etc.), he asked me if I'd been diagnosed with anxiety. Of course, I said yes, years ago and it's never gotten better but worse. He said he knew my problem exactly. My entire body is so tensed up that it's affecting even my urinary tract. The little tubes leading from the bladder, the urethra or whatever it is, is so tensed up and constricted that the urine won't flow out from the bladder out of my body the way it's supposed to. He said I need anti-anxiety meds ASAP. But my GP won't give them. The 3 psych's she's referred me to do not take my insurance. There's only 2 in my county that do, and they won't take new patients. I don't have transportation out of my county to see a specialist. I've taken it upon myself to find a psych dr who will take my insurance and it's been 8 months now. I can't finid a psych or a therapist to help me. it seems no one really cares anymore. I don't think I would have had this problem a year ago. So I just keep plodding along, hoping things improve and I stumbled onto this site today, hoping to find some sort of info that will help me. I'd LOVE to take your advice, but I simply DO NOT KNOW HOW. My body has been so tense for so long I just don't know how to relax it, Closing my eyes and imagining a beach somewhere and trying guided imagery just doesn't do it for me. My mind wanders and 1,000 thoughts swirl at the same time. I'm at my wit's end. Without the comfort of my lizards, my babies, I wouldn't be here. I have to stay because of them. my yellow Nigerian Uromastyx, Oscar, is laying in my lap now, sweet as ever, coming out to say hello every now and then, and I feel like they're the only thing in the world I have to live for. Thank God I have him and Merlin, my bearded dragon, because they're the ONLY thing that help to calm me down when I'm having a bad panic attack. My BP has gotten as high as 204/172 several times this summer and I was hospitalized 5 times to check for stroke. It's always the same -- severe panic attacks. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Hi Lizardlover, first I feel compassion for what you have been through. Struggling with health problems is a major concern to deal with. I’m glad you are here with us to join our community. I can only speak for myself as my own experiences. I had been always anxious person, overthinking everything and work exhaustion; hence I’m on medical leave now until I get back to work soon. I simplified a lot of things in my life to get to this point. I find mediation and yoga as my life savor. I meditate at all time to get to my point of balance. Whenever I feel anxious I practice my breath work, one deep breath at a time. I encourage positivity and fun thoughts over negative and worried thoughts. I have my cat Sonya and she’s my baby. I’m glad you have your babies comfort you through hard time. Welcome to our community and best wishes xxx

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