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Don't be like me, be better then me


Don't be like me and not seek help. What does it mean?

All of you tell some great story, telling your story, letting everyone know that you are not alone, bond, friendship, reaching out because you care, and much more.

You all help each other, are there for each other, offer advice, care about each other. That right there is reaching out. But also you all have hope and faith.

It was my choice to give up.

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No we don't all have hope and faith but what we do have is helping each other. This is very important because depression is a very selfish illness and keeps you looking inward. The way to help yourself is to try and look outward instead and make conscious efforts to do that.

That is what we do here - well at least those who respond to others do. By doing so we become less sunk in our own illness and help and share with others. You don't do that and I am not criticising you but why not try joining in with us? After all you have nothing to lose. Are you worried it might make you feel a bit better? Again this is not criticism but your mindset seems to be to give up and end it all. Changing your mindset is difficult but so worth while. I have shown you a way to start you on your journey - are you going to take it? x

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Please listen to hypercat, they know what they're talking about & I agree with them 100%! Love , hugs & peace!

Hi there! Just by posting on here, you are still reaching out for help and support. Please don’t give up, you deserve to get better. I don’t know you very well but everyone deserves a happy life and I believe you can do it. I hope you feel better soon :)

Hi zeld,..I'm glad that you are making your own choices have posted the so many options others have chosen to be on here for and you are aware there's 'much more'..following that, you have received some wise and sincere replies from genuine people here and personally, with everyone's help, advice ,support, and understanding , I see many options to help me make my own choices aswell...without wisdom and knowledge, we can make some pretty bad choices in life.. there are many options out sensible and choose wisely.

All I can think to say to you is don't give up. I'm here if you want a private chat x

Hi Zeld- I hope you are feeling better today.

I’m sorry for all you are going through. No matter how difficult the circumstances you are facing, I pray that you will not give up and you will remain hopeful each day. Take care.

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