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How do I tell my parents?



I’m 16 and have anxiety and ocd, but my parents have no clue, and I have no idea how to tell them. The reason I don’t want to tell them is because once they not me not stepping on the cracks of the sidewalk (which is one of my problems with ocd) and they just started joking about it and saying I have ocd (as a joke). After that, I just don’t know what to do. My parents are also stressed out with a lot of other things, like their work. So, what do I do?

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Secrecy is trouble. The truth has changed lives for the better. I think that you should be honest and open with your parents. Leave emotion out of the conversation and present the facts. The effort alone will make you feel good about yourself, even if the results are not exactly what you want.


I also believe you should tell them.

I'm sure they didn't mean to be insensitive, sometimes people joke about things like that to make light of a situation. Even if your parents don't know exactly what's bothering you, they will be aware that something is wrong so if you tell them what it is they'll probably be relieved you're not pregnant or on drugs! If you're really nervous, maybe just tell the parent you're closest to first because they're likely to know what to say to you. Hidden problems like OCD and anxiety can be difficult for some people to understand if they don't have any experience so it might be a good idea to have some factual/myth busting information to point them in that direction if they have any questions but it will be a lot for them to take in so don't worry if they don't get it straight away.

Don't put it off too long because with anything anxiety related you need your family's support and they will want to be there for you. Trust me, my daughter is only a bit younger than you and I can't bear the thought of her being too afraid to tell me something like that. Older generations eg grandparents don't usually know about things like that so if you want them to understand, maybe just say that you worry too much if they notice your difficulties or if your parents decide to tell them.

Best of luck, you will be fine 😘

It is best to let your parents know because they can get you some help. There are counselors who you can talk to about your anxiety who can teach you ways to deal with your circumstances better.

Are your parents supportive? If so than i would just tell them. It's always harder to go through anything alone plus I'm sure the fear of telling them is just adding to your anxiety. Parents are never too busy with work or life that they can't deal with your issues I'm sure they worry about you anyways that's just what parents do.

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