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Hi everyone im a first time mo...


Hi everyone im a first time mom 22 years of age. I have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my whole life. I had a rough pregnancy due to various things. That occured in my life. I am currently at the moment homeless and my child's father and i are not together. He is seeing another woman whom he has already impregnated and my child is only a month old . He revealed to me when I was 7 months pregnant that she was pregnant as well,and that he had been seeing this woman who is his coworker. He started treating me poorly ignoring my calls and texts treating me like trash. During the end of my pregnancy. He only stopped doing,it because I had my baby early n he only sees her once a week for few hours . I had to argue with him to get him to even get to the point of texting throughout the week to check up on the baby. N he still barely does it . at times. It pisses me off because I was with him for 3 years. N has known this girl only a few months he treats me and my daughter like were not important. He always says he loves us but puts this girl before both of us. I am raising her alone basically . I Love my daughter but im so sad. I feel worthless . on top of having unknown health issues going,on being, homeless and feeling like a burden and like I shouldn't be around anyone not even family .im really tired I dont know what to do anymore . I pray and I have faith in god but I wish I,had a friend to truly confide in, as far as other girls anybody I wish someone would do something for me nice maybe just to go out to eat. Im not close with my mother . I wish somebody would see how bad im hurting and they would care . 😢

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Sending you prayers for peace and we embrace you with all the love we can send. This could be the hardest time you ever go through in your life. Crisis time. You are growing so much, believe it or not, now. Every minute you survive, every kiss you plant on your baby’s head, every day that comes and goes, you are getting closer to a better life. Hang on. As you know, this man is no good. Just want to make the point, if he EVER manipulates his way back into your good graces, NEVER take him back. There are so many men who are good eggs. No need to be with a loser with no self control. Also, this is a time to work on you. You are a beautiful soul. You will survive this. Young adulthood is hard enough without a baby. You will learn SO much from your mistakes. Wrapping you up in a cloud of love and sympathy. (Your pic is the gg bridge... we are neighbors)

Also praying for you and your precious baby this evening. Asking that you be granted protection, comfort, and peace.

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