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Why won't my symptoms go away?!


It's been TWO years of this constant hell... constant lightheadedness, off balance, woozy, spacey, foggy headed, heavy headed nonsense. It feels like I never get enough oxygen or something, which I do according to the doctor's little oxygen machine. I notice that PMS always makes my anxiety and symptoms SO much worse.. my medication (Pristiq 150 mg) has helped a lot, but not enough for me to be living a normal life again.. I can't continue living like this, something has to change for me. I feel panicky and trapped knowing I've been stuck with this sensation for two years now, I'm worried it will never go away. Some days are better than others, but with PMS lately I've been having all bad days. Ironically nothing bad has ever happened to me because of the way I feel, I haven't fallen or fainted.. it's just constant suffering. I need some positivity or reminders that believe it or not, this is actually anxiety.... :(

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Try relaxation methods, go to potentials unlimited online. Try the relaxation download it helps ease anxiety.

My heart goes out to you. I’ve suffered so terribly too and after too many years I’m finally getting relief; enough anyway that I feel I can start healing finally. I wish for relief and healing for you too. What has helped me most is exercise Ativan and Paxil. Meditation was helpful too but haven’t kept up with it yet if you take times throughout the day to deep breathe that might be helpful. I so wish for you to feel better. Hang in there.

rachel913 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you so much <3

Lakewolf in reply to rachel913

Have you been checked for panic attacks?

I had exactly the same symptoms you are describing.

rachel913 in reply to Lakewolf

I've had panic disorder for a couple years. But even when I'm not in a panic state, the symptoms persist. I usually only have panic attacks when attending appointments.


There are times when I am very anxious too, like I can’t catch my breath and my chest hurts. I also feel dizzy and have a foggy brain. I get the most relief from exercise. I also had my hormone levels tested and found they were not balanced. For me taking bio identical hormones has decreased the intensity of my anxiety. I’m so sorry, it’s hard to feel this way and not have a solution. Keep searching for what will work for you.

rachel913 in reply to Beachybabe

I'm very happy that the hormones reduced the intensity of your anxiety!! That's fantastic. I've been tested for hormonal imbalances and mine were normal :( I almost wish something would show up on a test so this can be a quick fix...

There are also anxiety attacks. The symptoms differ from panic attacks.

My aunt used to get them out of the blue.


Hi lady, I can relate to these feelings too. I will be getting my hormones, vitamin D and B tested. I’m also hypothyroid as well and have been anemic in the past which definitely causes major anxiety issues for me. Keep trying to figure it out, it could be something.

I'm not certain that this applies to you, but it sounds exactly like some symptoms our neighbor had, years ago; then, she found out it could be this: activebeat.com/your-health/...

I hope you have a physician that can just test and see if this could be the problem...good luck!

hi i know you posted this a good few days ago but i just wanted to offer you my 10 cents worth. have you tried the mini pill? my gyne offered this to me for my pms anxiety. Just a thought you might want to think about....x

I have the off balance and wooziness it’s terrible

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