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Damn....it's the weekend already? (8 down, 17 to go)


Hey everyone! Brian here! I can't believe this week has just flown by! Sorry I didn't respond to everyone on my last thread or not posting at all yesterday. Gotta love sinus headaches lol. August has just zipped past, hasn't it? Not that I'm complaining, because that means my radiation treatments are going along at a brisk pace. 8 down, 17 more to go! lol Saturdays have become for me a kind of unwind day. Just not worrying about anything. I can spend hours making sure my eyelids have no holes in them lol :-P Thank you to all who have responded to my prior threads (again, sorry I haven't replied) and I hope to do some replying myself on here either tomorrow or Sunday.

Labor Day is coming...……….Last call for a trip to the beach :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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With everything you got going on I understand if you don’t reply. Thanks for the update. With all the humidity we have had in the northeast I welcome September. A beach day sounds so nice,

Your posts bring such brightness Brian. You make me laugh “making sure my eyelids have no holes...” 🤣.

I had no idea you were going through radiation treatments. You are a true warrior and an inspiration.

Thank you for all your encouraging and positive posts.

Take care!


Brian, have a restful weekend. You are doing great. Do you have a lot of side effects from radiation?

You posts sound like it is not a big deal, but I am not sure, it might be your positivity and brave spirit. Please feel free to complain and share, it is ok not to be so strong always as you are.

Hugs and support to you, friend.

Brian, you are an amazing inspiration to all of us. I hope it helps some knowing that you are not going through this journey alone. We support you and care about you. You truly give credibility to the name "Warrior". Stay strong my friend. x

Thanks everyone! Sorry I haven't replied more often, just time seems to disappear when you need more of it lol

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