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Helping someone's psychological being


Today wasn't to bad thankfully. However, I was unable to donate plasma because of the reaction I had. I just like donating and helping others as much as I possibly can. Work was decent as well even though I worked over in back to school. I wasn't as anxious for once and I was able to talk to people and help them better as well. But there was this customer that wasn't right in her head mentally and I felt so bad.

She wanted help to find coolers but couldn't find them so I try to show her but before we even got to the isle she was ranting on about how feds hacked into her computer and made it look like they were there when they weren't. I found out by another customer that she was yelling and making noise scaring other customers but she kindly let me know I should let someone know about her state of being. I told the police officer there and one of the managers. They tried to find her but I don't think they did.

I should start to wrap it up now with how much I wrote. If you can help someone then you should most definitely try. Even if it might seem hopeless or possibly even hard someone might appreciate that effort you made to try to help. Not everyone knows how to ask for help so maybe the way they act or the things they do could be a cry out for help. Thank you for your valuable time reading this and have a great day/night.

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And there are a lot of people who are afraid of irrational people so it’s hard for them to step up. But great advice, A gentle voice, calm demeanor and listening will go a long way with people who are not in control of themselves. 😁😁😁

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